First time using wait rule - can you check?

So this is my first time using the "wait" function, and I would love a second (or 3rd, or 20) set of eyes to make sure I'm doing this correctly.

Basically, I want my outside lights to turn on around sunset and off around sunrise.

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Looks good to me. I assume you turn off Main Hall Lights by some other means?

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Yes the hall lights will go off at midnight (part of a midnight rule..).

Quick question - this has come up a few times for me.
If I want to run an action for certain days of the week. And nothing to happen on the other days, the system always forces me to pick a time for the "other" days... when I try to click "no selection" it automatically changes back to "certain time".

For example -
If I want my hall lights to go on at 10pm on Mon-Fri, but on the weekend I don't want this rule to apply. I set my trigger to time and days of the week, but they won't let me select "no selection" for sat/sun??

One of the great things about RM is that it provides so many options. One of the confusing things about RM is that it provides so many options. :crazy_face:

One idea is to use a Periodic trigger and select 'Every Weekday'.

Another idea is to use a time trigger and use a simple conditional action to exit the rule if it is Saturday or Sunday.

I'm sure there are other ways to do this too, but I like the quickest/easiest methods.
Too late in my post I noticed you tagged @aaiyar directly, so I apologize, and am returning to my cave.


Thanks appreciate the insights!

No need. Thank you for answering that so thoroughly.

I saw @jsc's post but was on my out to the post-office. Amazing how long everything takes in this Covid-19 era. The line was only about 12 people long (everyone with packages, including me).

There were no forms put out (so people won't touch them). I reached the head of the line to get a customs form (package being sent to Australia). Which I had to go fill out elsewhere and then come back and join the queue again. Except the line went out the door this time.

So I was pleased as punch when I came back to your detailed response. Even when I'm not in a slightly frazzled state, I couldn't have been so thorough!

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One more question...

If I created a virtual button "WEEKEND", when its clicked "on", it has the following actions:

  1. Changes the mode to "weekend"
  2. Pause "Lights out" (which usually turns house lights off at 11pm)
  3. Wait until 12am
  4. Turn off house lights
  5. Wait for events - virtual button WEEKEND "off"
  6. Resume "Lights Out" (so goes back to usual 11pm house lights off)
  7. Change mode to "Night"

Is this the correct way of combining the On/Off functions of the button into one rule, or will I have to create 2 rules, one for when the virtual button is turned on and the other when it is turned off?

In testing, I click the button "on" and the Mode changes to WEEKEND, but when I click it "off" the mode is not reset to "NIGHT"? Is this because it never completed the wait until midnight portion?

I wish there was a testing environment where I could artificially adjust the date/time to see what happens, instead of waiting for next friday night at midnight to see if this works..