First time using Rule Machine, am I using repeat corretly to make a loop?

I'm trying to use Ecobee Sensors as a thermostate for a plug in oil heater.
I'm not sure if I'm using repeat correctly, hopefully I want the triggers to be active all night.

Not 100% sure what you are trying to do, but you are not using the repeat correctly. You need a repeat and a end repeat. The actions between those statements are repeated.

Perhaps give a brief explanation of what you want to happen.

Also perhaps consider using a virtual thermostat

Here is an example of a repeat that flashes some lamps.

Oh, okay, repeat only effects the action stage of things. I wanted to make sure the triggers were active all night, and didn't trigger once and stop. Maybe they are set up to do that already?

Also a virtual thermostat looks like it is the thing I"ve been trying to do, thank you so much!

In your current rule the triggers are active as long as the required expressions are true.

So once the temp falls below 68 for 5 mins or goes above 71 for 5 mins it will trigger. it won't be on a 30 min cycle it will just cycle as the temp increases and decreases. Keep in mind that as soon as a required expression becomes false it will stop. So the heat will be in what ever state the last trigger set it to.

Perhaps using a wait until in the action would be better. Something like this?

Yeah, that's much tidier, and makes a lot of sense.
Thank you!

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