First rule post

I searched the wiki and the community before I asked this question. But is so simple, so basic, that I can’t seem to find the answer.

I have a rule that says trigger, hold a button on pico, it raises the blinds in the office.

I want to add a virtual button on a dashboard to perform the same function. Suggestions?

Create a virtual button and add it to the trigger. Then add the virtual button to your dashboard.

Thank you. I made a virtual button with 2 physical buttons which I added as a trigger in the rule. When I push the button in the devices section, it triggers the rule. (So far, so good).

On the dashboard, I created a virtual button and when I push it in the dashboard, nothing happens.

Just figured it out. On the iPhone, you have to hold the button until you feel a click. Otherwise you don’t push the button. The only reason I’m not deleting my reply is to say, thank you, and to let others laugh at my mistake!

Also, remote hub administration just paid for itself!