First Room Lighting Rule: Daily Lighting Schedule

I'm creating the "shell" for my daily lighting schedule based on Modes (Day, Evening, and Night) using some virtual test dimmers until I have all the switches installed.

My goals are to have different lights ON/OFF when the mode switches. Can you find something obvious that I'm missing? Am I understanding this rule correctly in how it functions?

  1. When the Mode changes between Day, Evening, and Night, the lights will turn ON/OFF based off this:

  2. When I switch to my other modes: Vacation & Away, the lights will be in the state they were last in until I "Return from Away". For example, if I left during the Day, my Porch Light will not turn on until I come back home when the mode switches to Evening (Mode Manager Sunset). I plan on having a separate "Vacation mode" lighting schedule that will be "Time-based".

Questions: Will the lights turn off if the Activation Settings SWITCH column has it as "OFF" even though I don't have a "Means to Turn Off Lights"? If yes, will it follow the "Device transition time"? Answered my own question: The answer is "Yes" at least on the "OFF" part. Can't test fading.