First Item - Ceiling Fan

If you invest in a peanut wall plug the Hampton Bay modules are very resilient.

Securifi - Peanut Plug
Note: Its' not on the List of Supported Devices

Sent a request to Energy Avenue about blank picos, I'll let ya'll know what I hear from them.

Yes it isn’t. But it is recognized by HE, fingerprint is registered and the generic Zigbee driver is assigned when adding to your mesh. Also the Only device that makes the Hampton ceiling fan module actually not frustrating.

I've been using the Iris outlets since I was on ST. They solve the same problem.

Yes that is true those do work now that HE supports Iris. Which btw I just bought 20 window sensors and 2 motion sensors off eBay for around $40. Happy!

Wow, nice deal. BTW, I was referring to the v2's that have always worked with HE and ST...not the Iris only version.

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