First Iris, now Smartthings / ADT. COming to Hubitat!

So in Feb 2018 Iris went away, so my system was replaced with an ADT Smartthings dual branded hub, and sensors. I never got rid of my V1 or V2 Iris stuff, just couldn't part with it. But now my contact sensors, security hub / keypad etc... are being killed off by the MFG, and I needed somewhere to go that wasn't going to get bored with supporting a product and shoot their customers in the head.

From my research it looks like with the equipment I already have, and the requirement to not be left a home security and automation orphan in another 2 to 3 years,

So I am needing to replace monitored security and home automation. I have the following equipment.

2 Iris V2 contact sensors.
16 Iris V2 motion sensors.
16 Iris V1 Door and Window contact sensors.
1 Iris V3 smart outlet.
10 Ikea Tradfri smart oulets.
4 Iris V1 outdoor cameras. These are probably unusable but who knows?
6 Zooz Zen21 Zwave switches.
6 Zooz Zen27 Zwave switches.
1 GE 3 speed ceiling fan switch.
1 Honeywell (I believe) Zwave switch, 600w no dimmer. This is for my garage lights.
Not sure how many off hand, but Phillips Smart+ Zigbee smart bulbs I think I have 24 left. Replacing with switches as I go along.
4 King of Fans Zigbee ceiling fan and light combination controller.
6 Echo Dots. 1 Echo, 1 Fire Edition TV, and 2 FireTV sticks with Alexa remotes. You get the Alexa idea...
3 Utilitech Sirens. I beleive these were Zwave.
2 Ring Spotlight camera wireds.
1 ring floodlight camera.
1 Ring Video Doorbell 2.

So I have a LOT to figure out.

#1. Setup of the hub. I assume there is a getting started guide in the box.
#2. Setting up / pairing the devices. Again making a big assumption here. I discussed the devices with Hubitat prior to making my purchase decision, but still concerned about the King of Fans controllers. Hopefully they will work. Any advice on any of my hardware to make it happy with Hubitat?
#3. Setting up rules, policies, routines or whatever Hubitat calls it. I want to be able for say the motion sensor in the master bathroom to turn the light on when it detects motion, BUT if it is after say 11:00 P.M. only bring the lights up to 30% intensity. Or if an alarm goes off, turn on all lights including lights on the Ring devices, and activate the sirens, and the sirens on the ring devices, and call out wherever. Me, Police, my crazy brother in law whatever...

Tie in Alexa for voice control.

Have an available arm / disarm keypad / control panel so that the pet sitter can come in, feed and walk the dog while I am on travel.

I was not able to get all of that in with Smartthings, most notably Ring device integration was incredibly poor. I suspect the same here because, well Ring...

So now that I have laid it all out, can you recommend any given articles, tutorials or documentation on getting this done?

Are there good reliable alarm monitoring services that are reasonably priced? I get an insurance discount for monitored security...

It looks like everything you have will work with Hubitat, except the cameras will not integrate with Hubitat as it doesn't do any camera integration. You can however stream the cameras to your dashboard if you can find the http streaming URL. The 4 gen1 iris cameras can be converted to IP cameras that will work with Blue Iris or another DVR of your choice.

Here is a link to how to convert your Iris cameras,

Awesome! I sort of shelved the Iris cams and went with Ring when Iris shut down. I really only need 2 of them, 1 to protect / monitor each side.

The main thing I would be interested in is using the motion sensors that are built into the cams as a wake sensor to turn lights on / off, and turn on / off the lights and trigger / silence the sirens on the Ring devices... My concept is if an actual alarm gets triggered, I want my house to be LOUD and BRIGHT inside and out.

Honestly I would get better results I am pretty sure using Wyze cams and outdoor boxes / mounts for them...

Spent the evening watching the tutorials videos between other events. Have a lot to go through but it looks pretty simple once the hub is brought up except getting ZWave devices excluded from Smartthings so I can pair them.

Looks like I need to register my hub, exclude / unpair my devices, factory reset them, and then go through the pairing procedure. Then I start fishing through the built in lighting apps, and of course rules engine. The impression I get is maybe a bit incorrect, but is it something like a local IFTTT?

One device I failed to mention is the Honeywell Home smart thermostat, but I have it paired to Smartthings as well as its own app and I NEVER use it under ST. I just voice control over Alexa or app control via Honeywell Home. I don't need conflicting scheduling engines...

I knew going into Smartthings that should it goe toes up I was going to go with Hubitat, but at that time the Iris V1 compatibility wasn't ready so I took the detour to where I should have gone in the first place.

Zooz has a combination Ceiling fan / light controller switch in Zwave Plus that I want to add to the system, and a few more dimmer smart switches to go before I can call my system done.

Wyze Cam v3 is outdoor rated and has an amazing starlight sensor in it. No special outdoor mounts are required with the new v3 cameras. I have their flat USB power cable snaked outside to the window sill under my window. Works great and has an amazing nighttime image without using infrared. For $25, they are a bargain, IMHO. They do not integrate directly with Hubitat, though. I use my free 3 IFTTT automations to control my indoor cameras (on versus off) via a virtual Hubitat switch shared with IFTTT based on the mode of the house.

Are you referring to the HomeDepot Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan Controllers? These work great with Hubitat, as long as you have a Zigbee repeater in the same room as the ceiling fan. Hubitat has a built-in driver for these devices that creates two child devices, one for the light and the other for the fan. Be sure to enable this feature in the device settings.

@ogiewon Absolutely am. Thanks for picking that up. Under Smartthings they registered as King of Fans devices as that is the ID that is transmitted somehow. Not 100% on Zigbee. The Ikea Tradfri smart switches have repeaters built in and were working perfectly with ST so I am hoping the same with Hubitat.

My plan at this point is to...

#1. Exclude / remove all devices from ST that are not ADT ST dual branded as they only work with themselves and are effectively bricks on June 1, Perform factory resets on them.
#2. Install and register Hubitat hub. Get the software set up.
#3. Remove ADT ST sensors, replace with Iris V1 and Iris V2 sensors. Pair sensors to Hubitat.
#4. Remove all ST connected devices from Alexa. Disable Smartthings skill.
#5. Pair smart outlets, or at least 1 in each room.
#6. Pair ceiling fan controllers.
#7. Pair bulbs. Is there a way to group bulbs within Hubitat or should I just do this in Alexa?
#8. Pair All wall switches.
#9. Pair sirens.
#10. Pair motion sensors
#11 Add Alexa skill and bring devices in, group them as desired.
#12. Get busy with creating lighting and security rules.

One thing I am curious of. I never did get rid of anything from my Iris system. Is the V2 keypad for Iris compatible and can it be used to arm / disarm security so that my dog sitter can be let in?

@ogiewon I have been postponing my Wyze cam purchase due to the outdoor mount issues. The new V3 version made the choice for me. 2 Wyze cam V3s are on the way...


Make sure you choose your Hubitat Zigbee radio channel wisely. Channels 15, 20, and 25 have the least amount of WiFi 2.4GHz interference, assuming you use WiFi channels 1, 6, 11 on your router/access points. I personally prefer Zigbee channel 20, as some devices do not like higher Zigbee channels. I am not sure if the Iris v1 devices work best certain Zigbee you may want to check out some of those threads in the community.

Hubitat has a builtin app called “Groups and Scenes”. If you’re using Zigbee bulbs, I would add them to a Hubitat Group, and enable the Zigbee Group Messaging feature on that group. Then share the resulting Group Device with Alexa.

The Zigbee Group Messaging feature eliminates the ‘popcorn effect’ normally associated with turning on or off a group of bulbs. The hub will send only one Zigbee RF message out, which all bulbs in that group will respond to. It is very efficient and it works very well.

I believe Iris V2 Zigbee Keypads are supported by built-in Hubitat drivers. I have never used them, personally.

@ogiewon Thanks for that feedback!

I don't recall ever finding any way to adjust the radio on ST or Iris. I will have to check that out. I tweak the snot out of my WiFi to get max performance out of my 2.4Ghz band.

I never dug into the scenes in ST as I don't think is the same as the way Hubitat does...

Anywaywill have to look into that.

I have a pair of bulbs in the main vanity (until I can rewire for a 3 way smart switch), 2 bulbs in the laundry because, well I have been lazy, and here is the kicker. 4 bulbs each in 3 fans not yet set up with controllers. Long story involving rebuilding ceiling fans...

I am cleaning out my workshop and am oh so close to actually being able to see my workbench top, so I can give a LOT more effort toward my fans...

For me, I have a handful of iris v1 contact sensors on ZIGBEE channel 20. The v1 sensors as well as everything else ZIGBEE is rock solid on channel 20. My wifi is on channel 2. My hue hub is on ZIGBEE channel 25.

BTW. Welcome aboard Big Hoss

If the Iris V2 keypad isn't natively supported it will work using the community app Nyckelharpa and it's keypad driver.

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LOL. I used Big Hoss over there because I forgot my dbhosttexas credentials for ST...

I have 2 2.4ghz networks, channel 10 and 12 since my neighbors aren't on those channels.

I was oh so close to being done with my build when ST went sour. I believe I mentioned that if ST went bad I was going to go here early on. Hubitat looked promising.

I still have a few switches that have wiring issues, 3 way without enough conductors for the Zen27s to work. I had a major HVAC issue so that got set to the backside. I have some siding repairs to do and once done, I will be ready to complete my build out...

Being that you are on wifi 10 & 12 you might want to look at the linked chart to mitigate as much zigbee/wifi overlap as possible.

I moved over last April and it took a few months to get everything ironed out but I have not had any real failures since that time. Other than new devices I've added, I usually don't have to do anything to the system. It just works. I have zero regrets moving from ST and hope your experience is the same.