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Certain forums are locked read only for non owners. If you use the same email address to order as you signed up for the forums, they will unlock the rest for posting. If not just send a message to support.

As for porting, there’s a few changes here and there. Usually someone from the forum can help with stumbling blocks.


Cheers, ahh that makes sense! Might want to have a section for prospective buyers then where new posts can be posted or some similar alternative…

Would be good to document porting considerations somewhere, would remove some of the support requirement, but understand people are busy, but sounds like it wouldn’t be much of an issue :slight_smile:

So the other thing I have thought about it Google Home, I can see it’s not yet supported, is there a workaround to this? Could I link Hubitat to ST and then use GH > ST > Hubitat in the interim, otherwise I may wait until GH integration as I’m phasing out Alexa in my setup…


I can’t appear to edit my post either… but one more question… I know Hue integration is being developed, is this direct or will it still need to send to the Hue cloud to trigger… obviously that would be an issue…


Hue bridge support is coming real soon. No cloud needed.


I can see no reason you could do Google Assistant > ST > Hubitat. You would setup the Hubitat SmartThings integration that would monitor ST for event changes. Then on Hubitat, you setup rules to trigger real devices based on the virtual device state.


Cheers for the response, I assume the virtual devices exist in ST and are automatically created based on the actual devices in Hubitat? Sorry for all the questions, but it’s difficult to work out how this all works without the hub to play with… might just bite the bullet and start playing… will be much easier just to figure it out myself :slight_smile:


You’re quite welcome. Let me back up here, as there are two different integrations, and the Other Hub app by @krlaframboise is more actually appropriate for this task.

There is an built-in app for SmartThings Integration that monitors devices on ST and creates a virtual device on Hubitat. So if I have a device (i.e. a motion sensor) that can’t connect to Hubitat yet, it will sync the virtual device that is created on Hubitat from the real device on ST

The other direction exists with “Other Hub”, and that allows ST to monitor motion sensors on Hubitat. The latest version also allows you to control Hubitat switches, dimmers, alarms, locks, and valves from SmartThings.

So what you would do is…

  1. Setup your devices in Hubitat
  2. Setup Other Hub and add those devices to the Other Hub configuration, and that would create virtual devices on ST
  3. Add those virtual devices in ST, to the Google Assistant app, which would then give you control over the devices on Hubitat.


Also, google assistant allows direct control of a lot of devices so you don’t need to go through hubitat or smartthings for control of those devices. As long as their hardware relays state changes to the hub, you’re good.


Wouldn’t you suggest keeping as much in Hubitat/OH as possible to keep things from getting out of sync?


It’s the same as physically switching something, really.


One less cloud hop though…


I want to avoid any duplication where possible, in my current ST environment I have both Alexa and GH (Alexa is in the process of being kicked out) but I don’t link either of those ecosystems to Hue directly for example otherwise I end up with the same device twice and that just ends up causing more issues than it solves…

Just want to get to the point of having one central hub as the master and then spoke anything else off it, obviously the central point would need to be Hubitat due to the local side of things…


Referring to my earlier comment on the forums being too locked down for prospective buyers and need to either have a specific area for these users (as I expect you guys don’t want to do anything to make it difficult for potential customers to get in contact)… I can’t appear to send a private message to an admin… copying in @bobbyD if you could PM me please about something unrelated, but also perhaps look at at least allowing DMs to admins :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback. We will look into it. PM sent :smile:


It’s legally not “pre-release” once you can just buy it from an open website, which you can now do with this.

However, I’m one of those people who reads the warranty and the user manual before I buy something. And the warranty statement on hubitat is very clear that it still in the development stage and is not warranteed as a finished product yet.

When you put it in your cart, there is a “terms and conditions” link before you complete the purchase. That’s where the warranty is.

Customer acknowledges that the Hubitat Platform is under continuous development, is not complete or otherwise at the final stage of development and that Hubitat makes no representation that the Hubitat Platform is error or bug free. Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Hubitat Platform may experience unscheduled downtime and agrees that Hubitat shall not be liable for any harm resulting from unscheduled downtime.

So the information was there at the time of purchase, although I know a lot of people don’t bother to read terms and conditions.


I understand the “early adopter” concept and have read the Hubitat “Warranty” statement. From what I read, they will replace a defective product. just are not warranting it in use or purpose. That kind of statement would not be foreign in a great many written warranty statements. So for me, I’m good with the understanding that i have a (90) day warranty against defects.

I’ve enjoyed reading this thread and will be ordering my Hubitat in just a few minutes. Exiting the world of SmartThings outages and dependency upon the Cloud is very attractive to me. Looking forward to using the Hubitat and helping it grow in use.


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New owner today (3/22/18)! Working great so far. Moved over about 14 devices from Smartthings. Still have about 100 to go. One room at a time. Also using the ’ Other Hub Event Pusher’ app so I can control them using Google Home and ActionTiles.

One question though, I can’t seem to start new threads or reply to most on here. I’m logged into the forums the same as I am for the hub, using my google account. Is there something that needs to be done so I become an owner on the forums? @bravenel thanks


Welcome, you are good to go, now. Please log out and back in, if you are still unable to reply to posts or create new topics.


Thank you!