First Impressions


So far I’m VERY impressed!

Got #24, had some issues at first registering it, took 7-8 reboots. My wife’s video card exploded (what a time for that to happen right?) while I was trying, so just give it a bit of time. :wink:

I’ve added two apps and two drivers, one of each works so far, was expecting more trouble! Only have 6 devices moved over so far, but have 15 total devices. This list will be large, only have 320 or so in ST, will be more here for sure.

Trying to relearn RM as I’d setup a few dozen rules a LONG time ago and NEVER had to touch them! This is probably the best comment I could ever give for an app on this kind of platform.

The speed is pretty darn amazing!

Alexa is way too easy to setup, though it’s dropped out once and didn’t see my few devices until I reran discovery. Probably something I did when messing about. Got Alexa in sync with my dual switch relay’s though, so that’s a huge first step.

The logging is good, and info in the dashboard is overall excellent and SO much faster to work in than ST.

Will test Life360 when I leave the house tomorrow, hope that works as well or better than ST.

So many things to do…

Thank you guys SO much for creating this!


Hello good people! Ken here - same username from SmartThings so you may know me from there. Anyway, I installed my Hubitat today and connected a few devices and installed a few simple apps. So far the experience has been pretty good. It is still a little bumpy as one would expect from a DIY centric approach and a startup. The hub itself is clearly a repurposed TV box which feels a little funky. I think some simple engineering/manufacturing to hide the extra ports would go a long way to create a feeling of robustness. The instructions had a few minor typos but nothing serious. The Mac address printed on my box was not the actual Mac address. That was more of a nuisance than anything because I had to type the Mac into my router twice to get my fixed IP address. Anyway after all that adding things went smoothly. It is annoying that a ZWave device can’t pair to two hubs at the same time.

The response time is instant which I expected. … after all, that’s sort of the whole point. I really like the smart motion lighting app. It has features I wish ST smart lighting had. I haven’t installed RuleMachine yet because I don’t have enough things to make it worthwhile yet. Switching from CoRE to RuleMachine will be interesting. Like so many others I made the conversion in the other direction over a year ago so maybe I can reverse my neurons… LOL.

Finally - next task is to port my dashboard over to work with Hubitat. I can’t wait to start doing this. Where can I find documentation for the API?


Hub #23 here, finally checking in here after a random USPS delivery delay . Setting up went cleanly; showed up in the portal with no issues (I spent a few minutes arranging my equipment shelf before starting the registration process). Good first impression.

My Aeotec doorbell and Minimote paired easily; so too for an Iris motion and conact sensor. Nice to see how easily all these devices paired. Iris Zigbee/Z-Wave repeater smart plug paired quickly on the Zigbee side.

For the Z-Wave repeater part of the Iris plug, I used the ‘8 button presses within 2 seconds’ method and initially wasn’t able to get it paired; however I did a Z-Wave exclusion on it and after that this method seemed to work; at least it showed up in the list of Z-Wave devices.

I tried a couple of Z-Wave repairs to see if i could verify the Iris Z-Wave repeater was functional; with SmartThings I did this by a couple of back-to-back Z-Wave repairs (with and without the Iris plug plugged in, to see if the repair logs showed a difference). I wasn’t able to find any log message as to the repair completion status but noticed that the Z-Wave status of the Iris plug showed “failed”. I also see (after a Hub reboot) that in the Z-Wave settings section that the Iris plug shows “DEAD” with a red “Re-initialize” button. Is this a ‘force remove’ function? I will try resetting the Iris plug and repeating the Z-Wave pairing to see if I can get the repeater side going. So far everything else is looking good!

Update: Got the Iris Plug Z-Wave repeater going by doing a force remove and then re-pair. Shows status ‘Alive’ in Z-Wave settings page. Still curious as to what “Re-initialize” does. Noticed my Aeon Minimote similarly showed “DEAD / Re-Initialize” (it’s battery operated and likely was asleep); it came back to life after a couple of button presses.


Forgot to mention… Hub #3 here.

I had a few issues with the smart motion app where it wouldn’t let me turn my light off. LOL… I will need to stare at it a bit more but I think the logic is off.

The response time for commands is instant as advertised. Wow how cool. I am starting the port of HousePanel but ran into snag where I can’t figure out the external OAUTH process.


Forgot to mention - I tested Life360 and it worked flawlessly.


Take a look here for OAUTH information. Since your HousePanel runs on a local system in your house (typically), I would think you’d want to use the local endpoint, right?


Thanks… and yes, i would need the local endpoint. I will give this a try tomorrow.


when i login to there is no “register hub” button or no link to hub, i see the device connected to the network, tried 3 different browsers, tried logging in to the IP Address, any suggestions


Welcome and sorry you are having this issue. If you have tried rebooting a few times and it still won’t show up in please reach out to and they can help get your hub registered.


Hub #19 and I think I have only 5 devices added so far. It’s so freaking responsive! Life360 is quite reliable. Probably will have way more devices by next week.


#17 here and my experiences and feelings are mixed.

On the good side, I like the size and responsiveness. The concept is really great and I’m very excited about having all the execution locally. I’ll still keep the ST around for control, but I would imaging that goes away as the add-ons increase. The Lutron App worked very well and was very simple to setup. Rule Machine keeps surprising me where I think something will be hard to program and the “bang” it just works!

On the not-so-good side, I’ve been hampered by a lot of seemingly simple issues. So far there are some little bugs (e.g preventing ZigBee channel changes, issues with browsers and time input and sunset/sunrise time offse, drop-down menus are not always consistent).

Overall it’s a really solid product. The packaging looks really great and getting it up and running has been pretty easy (once I stop trying to tell it how to work and just let it work). There are some hurdles coming up, but there’s a lot of fun and discovery with keep is exciting. I have a pretty good feeling that I will have all of my automation moved over within a month. Looking on the boards, there’s some stuff going on with ActionTiles as well as the moble app coming out so it seems like a great investment of time and a few $$$.

Keep up the great work!


Hub #6 here I now have 82 devices installed and a ton of automatons. It is working phenomenally well very fast. A few more Driver Codes and I can get it all moved over except my Nest and automatons done via Harmony Hubs. the Harmonys are still on ST but i have switches in Hubitat that activate in ST to control them :slight_smile:


Sorry for the stupid question, but how do you know your hub number?


It’s hand written on the bottom side of the hub.


Ok thanks. Missed it when I installed it in my wiring closet. Thanks.


Don’t tell us you got #0.


Unfortunately I have no sticker with a number on my hub. :cry:. I received mine this past Monday so definitely a higher number than these others.


Mine was written on with what looks like a while pencil. There should also be an autographed card in the box with the hub number on it as well.


#7 installed with a week of usage, my impressions:

When this was announced, I felt a variety of emotions. Excitement, worry and much more. Then all my buyer’s remorse went away when the Other Hub ST app was released.

When I got the unit in, it was easy to set up and get things moved. My home is probably a lot smaller with only 35 devices connected, however, I take pride in my Smart Home. About 60% is transferred over, taking small steps to make sure everything goes right. My first pairing was a GE Link bulb, turned it on/off from the browser and Immediately thought it was really cool for being so quick! It’s really cool. After a couple of hiccups, I am still very confident in the product - It’s kinda amazing!

My intentions is to transfer around 95% of things over, until things grow a little more (Such as an app, Google Assistant, more) is released.

Now, Hubitat has gotten a small nickname from me: The Localizer.

Any plans to sell T-Shirts or other merchandise?


I didn’t get an autographed card either. :disappointed_relieved:. Maybe they were included in the first set of hubs and mine was second mainstream batch.