First foray into Rule Machine

To date, I've kept everything simple in the other apps, but now I want to make some slightly more advanced rules.

I've stuck a vibration sensor to one of my old, hardwired smoke alarm units, and it will send a notification when it's triggered. I just want to make sure I'm understanding the Rule Machine language properly...

Trigger: 'Smoke alarm acceleration active and stays that way for 20 seconds' - I don't want it to trigger unless it's been going for at least 20 seconds. No problem with that.

Then, it should notify Niall's phone with the text I've input - again, that's easy.

Then 'Repeat 3 times every 1 minute'. Does this mean it will repeat once a minute, 3 times total (which is what I want), or 3 times on every minute (or during every minute) for a total of 9 times? It's not clear to me.

Then it's END-REP, because I want it to stop after the third reminder on the third minute - I don't need it to keep going.

Have I done this correctly/am I understanding it right? The simpler rule apps are...well...simpler!

Any advice greatly appreciated...

Welcome to RM! It takes a bit to figure to out but it's extremely powerful - if not always intuitive.

Repeat 3 times every 1 minute will repeat the actions 3 times at 1 minute intervals, for a total of 3 times. It is a bit confusing until you get used to it. Whatever s between the REPEAT and the END-REP will be the actions that are repeated.

If you want to post a screen shot of your rule we can see what it looks like in its entirely.

Like you, I just recently started using Rule Machine. I got a new Ecolink chime/siren that was not accessible though Basic Rules. One thing you might try to make things easier is to create your rule in Basic Rules and then import that rule into Rule Machine. When you open Rule Machine, tell it to create the rule based on your Basic Rule. Then you can tweak Rule Machine settings to add the complexities that are not available in Basic Rules. Thus, you get best of both systems.

The import feature withing Rule Machine has only been available for a few months, but it is a very nice feature.

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Thanks, brad5.

To be clear on my intentions for this:

  1. Smoke alarm goes off
  2. Vibration sensor picks that up and becomes active for 20 seconds, then...
  3. ...a notification is sent to my phone...
  4. ...once a minute, for a total of 3 minutes.
  5. Then it ends, I don't need more than 3 notifications

I have the most recent version with the 'import Basic Rule' function, and I will no doubt be using it. I thought as this rule seemed 'bottom rung', I couldn't go wrong, so I'd go straight to RM. But I've ended up on here!

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@NiallG your Notify action needs to be located between the Repeat and END-REP.

I think you're using this as an opportunity to learn RM, which I get, as RM can be very useful and powerful.

Just wanted to note that in a case like this - generating a notification - the Notifications app is purpose-built for these types of uses and in general would be your best bet to use.

@pseudonym To clarify, you mean in the 'Select Actions to Run' box I've shown, 'Notify Niall's Phone' should be second, instead of first? With 'Repeat 3 times every 0:01:00' moving to the first spot?

That's how I understand what you're saying.

Shouldn't the notification come first, then the instruction to repeat? I'm open to however it should be done, of course, but logically, it seems the latter should be the way...

@danabw I used the Notifications app to test the vibration sensor, but I could only get it to send a notification immediately upon becoming active, or after being active for 1 minute, which is too long (unless I'm missing something). So I kicked it up to Rule Machine. My experience with smoke alarms is when there's a false alarm (a 'cooking accident', or it has a fit) which are rare, it'll go off for about 10-15 seconds before stopping. So I wanted it active for 20 seconds before sending a notification. Could be longer, I suppose, but 1 minute in the Notifications App seems too long.

Correct - I hadn't remembered that the "how long" setting in the Notifications app only does minutes.


@bobbyD (not sure who works on this app) an option to provide finer control, by allowing seconds in the Notifcation app...

@danabw I would have preferred leaving it in the Notifications App - the simpler the better as far as I'm concerned. But that difference in time had me itching for a slightly better rule...

No, actions only happen once unless they are located between a Repeat Actions and END-REP. Here's the section in the documentation that describes how they work:

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OK, thank you for the advice. I'll have a look at that...

You may also find that you need to add a wait after the notification is sent, and set the repeat to 3 times without the every minute option.

Repeat 3 Times
Notify Niall
Wait 1 minute

I'm not sure if the every minute option works in that way. Could be wrong though.


That won't work; an interval must be specified for the repeat. That is what determines when the loop begins again (not how long the actions inside may take to execute, so this is different from how this works in, say, a programming or scripting language).

Ah, ok. So the every minute option isn't going to execute the action multiple times each minute. Good to know. Thanks for clarifying Rob.

1-24-2023 just ordered the ecolink z-wave 700 chime + siren from Amazon today.
Yah it is pricy and had to wait about a year before they became available again.
Any chance you can help me where to start relative to installing it.
And how to use rules ect. to make it work.
I'm kinda new to Hubitat and need help.
My objective is for custom audio for most of the triggered alarms.

Interesting as whatever stock Amazon may have received may already be gone. It is now showing unavailable. ???

I will send you a private message so we can connect on installation.

Yah, I just checked again and said unavailable! Hum my order says February 3-8 delivery. Wonder if I will ever get it? I had been on the list for a long time waiting.

Ray - thanks again for your help.
Guess what I did receive an Ecolink z-wave 700 chimes + siren from Amazon.
Easy Z-wave install.
Do you or is there another link to implement accessing the chime numbers.
Device manager plays all of the 30 chimes ok.
Would it be implemented in CSS to access the 30 chime numbers ?
Then like you said use Rules Machine to access them.
When I chose Device to add to the dashboard all that was provided was "Chime"; no alarm numbers?


The device driver you need for the Ecolink Chime Siren 700 series is called "Ecolink Chime Siren". Open the devices link within Hubitat. The click on "Add Device". Search by brand for "Ecolink". That will bring up the list of compatible Ecolink devices. Choose "Siren", which will bring up two devices. Select the "chime = siren" device for the ISZW7 ECO.

Please see the private message I sent a couple of weeks ago for steps to creating and using your own announcements with the device.