First Device

My hub arrived really quickly, impressively so.

I am looking for a recommendation(s) for a device or devices to get started with.

I connected the Philips Hue yesterday and could control a light bulb, well, turn it on and off!

I am interested in the condition of the house, such as room temps and humidity. And movement sensors.

Recommendations gratefully received.

A lot depends on what is available. Shortages are still occurring and a recommendation of some brand that isn't available where you are, isn't as helpful as we'd like to be.

Motion Sensors often come with another sensor inside. Some are Light (lux) sensors, some have temperature, or humidity. There are ZWave devices from Aeotec that have multiple sensors. Tri Sensor has 3: Motion, Temp and Light. Their MultiSensor has Motion, Temp, Light, UV, Humidity and Vibration.

But those are expensive at $60 and $80 respectively. At the other extreme are Zigbee sensors out of China (ali or temu) that are near $10. However, those tend to be a challenge to get working since they aren't on the compatibility chart.

Search for Zigbee Motion and see if there are any that have the other sensors you are needing.

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Where are you located? This usually has more of an impact on device availability than pretty much anything else.

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A little more detail on what you plan to use temp/humidity reading for may be useful. Many (not all) people who start to automate their home start in automating their lighting, if only in small way to begin with. Lighting is a relatively "safe" place to start in that the impact, while nice when it works, is not detrimental in a significant way to things like energy consumption or the overall comfort of the home. Plus it is a good introduction to the process of automating something, getting used to the apps involved and how to construct the logic required.

Just my 2c...

Ultimately, you have made the best first step in posting here to get input from the Community. Make that a habit :slight_smile:

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I'm assuming you're in the UK from the road sign in your picture :bulb:
Have a look at IKEA Zigbee stuff, it's very cheap and works well with HE. The devices are a bit chunkier than others though as they use AA/AAA batteries rather than lithium coins.


Hi all. I am in Scotland!

I have Philips Hue lights, motion sensors and plugs in many rooms so that is a thumbs up. The heating is by Wiser and is stand alone smart.

I hadn't considered any shortages so thanks for the heads up on that. I am off to look at Ikea now!


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