First Alert ZWave smoke detect showing “No Response” in HomeKit

Newbie here. I just added Hubitat hub to my HomeKit setting with one First Alert ZWave 2nd Gen smoke/CO detector. Device paired with hub no issue, integration to HomeKit went through without issue either. However, in HomeKit, the device showed up as “No Response”. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Turn on relaxed security in the homekit integration on HE then restart the integration. Also make sure you're on the latest platform update (

That did the trick! Thanks!

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I ran a test on the detector by hold the button, the HE event log showing a test occurred, however, there is no push notification, nor HomeKit notification. I assumed this is because a self test on unit and ZWave does not trigger an actual event, and HE does not generate the notification, is it correct assumption? I will get a smoke test kit to run a true test in few days.

I know that a test sends a test event, not a smoke/co detection event to Hubitat.

That’s how I interpreted that. I will run a true test and report back with the findings. Thanks for the reply.

Roll up paper towel tight. Light it on fire. Blow it out. Wave under smoke detector..

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