First Alert ZCombo devices


I just moved my First Alert ZCombo devices from Ring to HE, mainly because they won't stay connected to my ring system and their solution is to add a bunch of connectors at $25 each and in some cases, I have 2 that are 6 feet apart just so 2 devices are happy. If I'm going to build out my network, might as well do it through HE and not both.

With that being said, any plans to add virtual devices for Smoke/CO2 detectors?

How about adding these devices to the notifications app?

Thanks in advance

We just added a virtual smoke detector (next release). We'll add CO also.


Thanks Bruce :grin:

Iโ€™ve been eyeing the first alert combos but they are $98 CDN and I need three of them, but really itโ€™s just a matter of time.

Good to know that there will be a driver when I get to them.

I currently have the kidde combos connected to my wink 2.

New to HE and smart home stuff. Thought I would start with Smoke detectors. Got all my First Alert ZCombos set up as devices, can add them to my dashboard, but they are not showing when I try set up the HSM...and create custom rule is not working either Try to delete the HSM to start over, but the remove button does not remove it. What am I doing wrong. Been staring at this for several hours now and any help would be great. Would love to get one with my Saturday :smile:

Welcome to the community. I have four of these and they work great with Hubitat. You wonโ€™t be able to see them in HSM if you have โ€œuse every smoke and carbon monoxide detector โ€œ enebled.

Thanks for sending this. I was not seeing any of the information that you had on your screen shots. I was setting it up on my laptop browser (MS Edge). Noticed your screen shots were from your phone. I did it through my phone browser (Firefox) and viola...there it all was. Not sure why it was not appearing on the laptop browser, but I have it all set up now and it makes so much sense when everything that is supposed to appear does....LOL


Many users have reported issues with Edge. You're better off using Chrome or Firefox.


Fortunately, the new Edge browser based on chromium is included in the January cumulative update for Windows 10, scheduled for release in just 8 days. That should take care of those issues.

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