First Alert Z Wave - Phone Notification

I need some help with Phone Notifications. I've Successfully Set Up my Hub and Paired 5 First Alert Z Wave Smoke/Carbon Detectors to it. If I was to Set Off an Alarm, the System Logs the Smoke Detection but I never Receive an App. Notification or Text Message. I have the App. through the Portal Set Up for Smoke/Carbon Alerts and have my Phone Number Entered with an Text Message Alert Phrase. My Phone is a Motorola Edge 5G , (Android), and I have Tested this both On & Off the same WiFi of the Hub and still had no Luck.

A screenshot of the rule would be helpful, although you probably can't because it's your first post.

HE doesn't do text messages but it should send a notification to your phone via the HE app, if setup properly.

I use pushover for my notifications, but I send notifications to my wife's phone via the app.

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I'll Check the Phone App. Settings now. Thank you!

I got it! I don't know why the Pre-Made Safety Rule for Smoke Detection didn't Work but I made my Own Rule for Smoke Detection for All of My Detectors and Set the Notification for My Phone. Just Tested it and I got the Phone App. Notification! Thank you again!

There are also a number of different ways to get email notifications.
As well, depending on your phone provider, they have a way to send an email which ends up as an SMS messages.

On this forum there have been outlined many ways to get emails & notifications.
Search for SendGrid, Twillio, Pushover, Pushbullet, SendMail, and others.

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I will Review All of these Options! Thank you!

Hmmm…. For the notification piece all I had to do was add them to HSM and tell it what devices to send it to. (I do have other actions run from rules when they trrigger though - lights, etc.)