First Alert CO Smoke detector lagging?

Hi there. Hope you are all doing well. Everything on the network is running well with only a few concerns for the backup Co2 sensors I installed next to a gas hot water heater and a few dryers in the laundry room.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid but the packet error rate (PER) seems awful when checking on devices. Should I be concerned with 12 and 20?

I just tested the detectors and immediately had an alert on my phone. Weird.

Thanks or any tips or tricks you can share with me. I appreciate you!

First Alert Z-Wave combo Smoke / CO2 Alarm DC DSK

Those stats are since last hub restart, so need to know how long the hub was running to understand how much of a concern it is.

My dev hub has been up 4 days and the PER on my ZCOMBO is 0, but it is also about 6 inches away from the hub :slight_smile:

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It's been running constantly for over a month after I updated the software on the hub. I have just been hesitant to ask because the darn things work. They just look funny when I scan through the devices and look for problems. :slight_smile:

I just rebooted her and will check stats again.

Solved! ROFL! Rebooted and now PER 0!

You rock!

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Mine is looking good, but the hub was restarted less than a day ago.
Interesting that yours is a direct 100kbps. I've never looked at PER; one more thing to think about.

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I am overly paranoid with packet rate because I have a ton of S0 security door locks that were acting up and if one was paired poorly, that was the indicator! It was a nightmare! I now have over 30 of them operating on one hub with no problems.

Also, these detectors were paired in close proximity of the hub and then set in place to find their way. A habit from the door locks that wont pair up unless you are within a few feet of the hub.

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I see this all of the time, but the chemist in me has to ask... is it really a CO2 (carbon dioxide) or CO (carbon monoxide) detector? :smile:


:slight_smile: I'm good at making errors! Carbon mono-oxide, not di-oxide. :slight_smile: LOL moderator corrected it before I even noticed!

Usually can’t help myself when I see that, but I think we all knew what you meant :slightly_smiling_face:.

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LOL :slight_smile: I was notified of the change in the post and was wondering what was going on.... Hoping my language wasn't the issue. Fortunately, it was just an extra oxygen molecule. I will try harder next time! Thanks.

Awesome help here. All it took was a reboot to show that the network healed itself when if settled down and I was reading old data. Awesome!