Firmware update: mandatory?

I'm running version: on a C-5 without problems.

not a lot of devices, but a little piece of this, a little piece of that: zigbee devices, z-wave devices, built-in apps, user apps, custom drivers, etc.

Reading daily the community topics, it seems to me that new firmwares leads to new problems. I understand that new users are joining the train everyday, and this add to the complexity of managing every problems submitted.

Firmware is now
In this firmware, I see that devices I already have installed (Symfonisk, Gledopto and they are working OK) are offered.

I'm a little bit conservative about new drivers and (some) updates. I work in IT and I've seen so many times that users decided to update functionnal drivers and those updates create more problems than before the updates...

So, should I always update for the latest firmware, even I don't have any problem with older ones, or may I wait patiently until I have problems with my current one ?

(again, don't forget that my english is broken and I know that I make mistakes on long texts. Be kind with me on that matter).

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It's up to you really. I usually update one of my hub to the lastest because I want to play around with new rules or functions but hold back on my other hub at least a few weeks or months for bug because I have devices and rules that I will get in the dog house from the wife.
If there is some kind of security update then definitely.

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I’m in IT too. I know exactly where you’re coming from. No, you do not have to update. I’m still running (Yes I went back) on my primary hub. :wink:

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I have a spare hub to keep things working in case of a failure. I'll update this one to play with it, leaving the main hub (as @SmartHomePrimer mentionned) fully functionnal.
Thank you for your comment.


You're in control, that's one of the main benefits of HE. I've been lagging on updates recently.... everything is running great for me so I have the attitude if it ain't broke don't fix it.


I always click that red beacon like my life depends on it - and deal with the consequences later.