Firmware update errors

I woke up to these in the Log this morning:

Screenshot_2021-05-09 Logs

Obviously, "sys:1" is "Hub". This is one out of my four hubs, all running (updated about 32 hours ago). A hub reboot at 09:51 seems to have "solved" the problem.

I am seeing the same log items.....currently running on C7. I updated from and rebooted yesterday... The log items appeared on wait and see if they happen again.

I should note that this one hub of my four is the only one with Zigbee enabled, and Zigbee devices attached, and that none of the attached devices have updates available.

To clarify, you are running four HE7s in one house? I updated to and rebooted....and I still get the same error messages in the logs as the OP......not often but they do still appear.

@Hal3 No, four C-5's. Overkill for this house, but we're building a much larger house for which four hubs won't be overkill.

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