Firmware update button missing

I updated my firmware to 2.2.3 but when I go to the z-wave details, there is no button for updating firmware.

that specific update is only for C7 hubs

Correct - I’m talking about my C7 hub.

Here is what it looks like:

well that's interesting, can you try from a desktop computer using chrome?

I saw something similar to that when looking at it from my phone - it seems to be a layout problem.

Try putting your phone in landscape, or check the page from a desktop browser.


There should be an Update button and a Firmware Update button (with a wrench symbol on it). Looks like at least one button is missing in that view.

Oops, you're right. I deleted my comment about that. Thanks for pointing out my oversight - I forgot there were indeed 2 update buttons on that page!

Landscape did it! I can see the edge of the button on the right side now that I know where it is.

I sold my pc to build a new one and it’s not up yet so I’m a little limited right now.


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