Firmware update but how to update the optional zwave firmware

i dont see any instructions on how to update the zwave firmware in the release notes for the latest relase.. It says it is optional which leads me to believe it is not done auotmatically thanks.

go to the zwave details page.. there's a button at the top


thanks whats the consensus on this.. should we let the hub stabalize after the normal firmware update before doing the zwave or just go for it immediately.

i jumped in.. it failed. starts initializing and then downloading and fails at 25 or so percent.. then it will fail next time you try it. reboot the hub and it will start again.. but it fails..

" Z-Wave Firmware Update

Z-Wave Updater: ERROR: The device was unable to receive the requested firmware data"

@bobbyD and @bcopeland offered me something to try over here... currently in the 10 minute settle-down phase and will post an update after I try again

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