Firmware not shown in portal; Location name confusing

I'm going through the setup process and my Hubitat Elevation doesn't show the firmware version in the Hubitat User Portal. The location name is also really confusing, because the "My New Hub" is separated from the "location name" by so much whitespace. I thought the name was actually missing until I inspected the HTML and realized it was in the same DIV, just separated by an aggressive amount of whitespace.

I clicked the "register hub" link and it proceeded with the upgrade. So I'm not blocked on this, but wanted to give the feedback anyway. I don't know why the firmware version was missing so have no suggestions on fixing that. For the name, I'd recommend cutting one of the newlines, and possibly putting the name in italics so it doesn't look like an orphaned label.

After the upgrade, the portal shows the firmware version.

Hubs do not ship with the platform software installed, so until registration is complete and the latest version is installed, there's nothing to show.
A brand new Hub will always fetch the latest production platform version.

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Thanks. bobbyD reached out to me directly and confirmed the same.