Fireangel Smoke, Heat and CO Alarms

I was bemoaning the lack of Zigbee (or Z-Wave) smoke and CO detectors in the UK the other week, now that I'm on the lookout as my Nest Protect devices are expiring. Then spotted this in my local B&Q (equivalent of Lowe's or Home Depot, I guess).

Okay, the smoke version would fulfil what I need in this house, just without the link in to Hubitat. But then I did some Googling and found this that the smoke unit is known as a WST-630 which is compatible with their hitherto unknown ZigBee 3.0 module. A little more digging and there's a Z-Wave module too!

Anybody else found or played with these yet, or do I need to approach my "local ASM" as they advise? These look very interesting indeed.


I have used their Z-Wave module, it pairs but there is no interlink between alarms (when one goes off just that one goes off). I believe the ZigBee module might cater for this but haven't had the time to get one to work out the specifics

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