Fire10 to Galaxy?

Since I have virtual key pad on our main dashboard we have been interacting with it on a daily basis. I have been noticing a considerable lag or numbness to the touch interface. This is all on a Fire10 with Fully Kiosk Browser.

Now, I know this tablet is VERY basic and I have been wanting to go higher end for some time now.

My question is, for those that have experience with similar setups, is the lag/numbness a by product of FKB or hardware? No point in getting different hardware if it won't be any different.

I have a similar setup and issues - I've got 2 Fire HD 10s running Fully. The touch itself on the Fire HD 10s isn't responsive enough needing a heavier touch and there's also a noticeable lag. The two things combined mean that sometimes I touch to change to another dashboard page (using SharpTools), I assume (wrongly) that I didn't touch it firmly enough to register and jab it again, resulting in the page changing and then changing straight back again - it drives me nuts.

I'd like to add more Fire HD 10s to other rooms. They look great and are cheap compared to other tablets and I was looking to buy some more when they come down for Black Friday. But I've also found myself trawling eBay for good condition second hand iPads to replace them as they are just far more responsive, the screen is less reflective. Also I've dumped Alexa and am eloping with Siri now that I've set up Homebridge.


Just as I suspected.

I have been on the fence about iPad or a Samsung. I was thinking iPad because then I could also use PoE for power AND data. However, I wouldn't be able to use FKB which I have become so comfortable with.

Yeah same here. It would be nice for someone to chime in with advantages/disadvantages of both. My options at the moment are keep on with Fire HD but switch off Alexa and replace Echo's with HomePod mini for Siri or replace the Fire HDs as well. If the Fire HDs were just a bit snappier performance wise and the touch worked better I'd rather stick with them if I can. Someone over on the SharpTools forum (I think it was staff - James) noted there was a performance improvement on the newest Fire HD.

Yup, the 2021 Fire 10" HD plus was slightly more responsive and faster to me, and my wife noticed that immediately after I replaced my 2017 Fire 10" model. But it's still not as responsive/fast as my Pixel 4 phone, which is very responsive and instant navigation when I navigate from one dashboard to another. So I would expect some level of the performance/responsiveness gain on the higher end (newer & more performant) tablets, but I haven't done any detailed comparison though.


All of this info makes me much more confident in "submitting the proposal to the budget committee" :joy::joy::joy:

:joy:I conceal what I spend on tech the way my wife hides what she spends on clothes, shoes etc