Fire Tablet Wall Mount and Over Heating

I’ve got a friend 10 in a Mounts By Mike mount on the wall. I couldn’t figure out why the thing was never charged until I started tracking the temperature of the tablet and it stops charging at 100 F. I charged it out of the mount and it charged to 100% no problem.

I am wondering if anyone else has run into this or if its maybe an issue with the tablet? Any idea how to mitigate this?

Is the screen always on? If so, maybe turn the brightness down? If the overheating is linked to the screen brightness, then another option would be to turn the screen off and have it automatically come on based on motion of a nearby sensor or the tablet camera motion sensing. This can be achieved using Fully Kiosk (I believe that will run on a Fire tablet ok).

I had an idea that it might be the fast charger it’s on so I moved it to a lower power wall wart. I’ll check I. The am and see if it’s charged.

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Yeah, I had a cheap Chinese Teclast tablet I kept powered all the time and inside 12 months the battery popped, through overcharging I guess, even tho I used to turn the screen brightness down during the day when it wasn't sensing motion and turned the screen off at night. I did that automatically using Fully Kiosk driver in HE.

Some devices drip charge when up to 100% (for example, my Samsung​ phone runs cold when fully charged while still connected to the charger). Other devices seem to struggle with it and run hot. I've read on here some people have been switching the charger on and off on a timed cycle to avoid overheating and battery burn out.

Hope you work out the best way for your set up.

I have two Fire HD10 tablets but they are in Amazon charging docks.

No overheating issues with these. They are charging by an Anker 40 watt fast charger

These are not meant to be mounted on the wall, but it can be done.

I’ve got an 8 with the wireless charging base, its pretty convenient.

I switched the Fire10 in the wall mount to a lower power wall wart and while its charging slower the temperature has come down from 38 C to 26C. Seems this is the answer but I’ll report back if its not.


Well, the lower power wall wart didn’t work. Temps are back up to 38C and battery is down to 3%…