Fire Tablet for wall mounted dashboard?

I have an old iPad mini gen 1, but I can't find any reasonably priced wall mounts for it.

Was considering getting a 7" Fire Tablet as they're fairly inexpensive, with this mount: AmazonSmile: Tablet Wall Mount with Integrated Power Cable, Pro Version White, Fits Fire 7.

Anyone using Fire tablets: did you get the "ad-supported" version or the "without ads" version? Did you root or use the stock os?

The only thing I plan on running is either a browser with the HE dashboard, or this: [RELEASE] Hubitat Dashboard - Android dashboard app


Buy the ad supported version, no reason to really pay the extra money when you can do 2 things: call/message Amazon support and ask nicely to have them removed and they generally will for FREE after saying they are doing you a favor, or alternatively there are 3rd party blockers that you can install to remove them, see link below.

The fire tablets are great cheap tablets if you don't need anything powerful and with that toolbox you can install all of the Google stuff so it is more or less a standard android tablet with the play store.

I personally have not rooted mine (no clue if you even can yet on the newer ones), but it is a device I only use occasionally, and for $100 (fire hd 10 on BF) it is a hell of a deal especially for my kitchen use of recipes and such.

Even recently been thinking about buying a second one to replace our awful digital photo frame, so I could use it for dashboard, replace the echo dot in the room since they can effectively become an echo show, and just regular tablet stuff.


You don't really need a wall mount, i just use 3M Velcro hangers. If you are planning on powering the tablet via POE or in wall somehow i would suggest getting a QI charger receiver and using a little paint to paint the connector the same color as the tablet. If you need more power and are handy with at soldering pencil you can remove the QI charging connector and solder it directly to a USB A connector. Just make sure you use an actual charging board to power it, I have tried 5V directly and it does not work well.

I am getting ready to mound an old iPad using:

elago Home Hub Mount [White] - [iPad Wall Mount][Homekit Mount][Easy Installation][Scratch-Free][Cable Management Included] - Compatible with iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro
by elago Canada
Learn more:

They also sell mounts, but I decided to just get their power solutions:

The XDA utility has done wonders for making the Fire tablet a bit more accommodation for use as the dashboard. In addition I also go with Fully Kiosk Browser. It's a paid app but they have APK's that are specific to Fire OS which helps.

The ad supported version is fine. I use a few with the Fully Kiosk Browser. The screensaver feature eliminates the ads since you never exit the program. I used to fire tablets to replace the alarm panels I had in my house. All of my alarm sensors are integrated with Hubitat using Konnected. I mounted the tablets to the wall and used the existed power wires using MB Mounts.

Thanks for the tip re: Fire Toolbox.

Wonder if they have something similar for Fire TVs? I made the mistake of buying 2 Fire TVs for a rental and I'd love to get all the crapware off of it and simplify things.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't want it to look like I just stuck a tablet on the wall. For power, I will either install a recessed outlet box with a 120v usb socket, or install a receptacle on the other side of the wall (a closet).

Thanks, but not what I'm looking for. I don't want it to look like a tablet mounted on the wall.

The mount for the Fire Tablet is exactly what I'm looking for. Was hoping to find something similar for my old ipad mini, which is just collecting dust.

I agree with your mounting requirements. There's a service I found over on the Sharptools community that makes several mounts and power supply configurations. Not sure if they have what you need but have a look. I purchased 2 of their products for Fire Tablets and was very pleased.

"Comprehensive Device Mounting Systems & Custom Mount Design | Makes by – Makes by Mike"

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Thanks. They don't have a mount listed for the 1st gen iPad mini, but I sent them a message.

They're good people. Good luck.

Mike’s power supplies are much smaller than typical ones (they are essentially flush to the side), so it is a good option to avoid that plugged-in power supply in tablet look... :slight_smile:

If you're talking about the power cord, yes the mount on Amazon has the same type of cord. A 90 degree connector and a flat cable. The bezel of the mount hides it all. The mount is similar enough to Mike's that I thought it might be the same company.

This is another excuse to get a 3d printer. Every time I mention it my wife's says I should get one, but I just don't have time...

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