Fire Tablet Drops WiFi (new and old)

I've seen a lot of different issues here that sound a bit similar, but different.

I'm using Fully Kiosk and Sharptools for several (7) fire tablets. They all work just like I would expect....except.

While all "things" seem to update correctly, I have one in my bedroom and another in my office that I want to run the screensaver and set the screen brightness to basically off at night.

They work fine if I've been using the tablet...but I just get 408 messages back from often...not always...when I try to set this in a rule.

I've done everything I can find to keep the wireless up that I find on the Internet/You Tube...all the battery saving and developer stuff but must just be missing something.

Any help/suggestions would be great!

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My Fire 10 running Fully Kiosk started dropping wi-fi about 12-18 months ago. As it turned out, Amz had added 'Automatic Smart Suspend' in some previous update.

Settings > Battery > Automatic Smart Suspend

Thanks...I have that turned off already.