Fire 10 - latest model (to replace Zipatile)

I think I’m finally going to have to replace my Zipatile with something running a later version of android / Webview.

Actiontiles stopped working today and smartools doesn’t run - I think its all to do with the outdated version of Webview and there is currently no way to upgrade or root the device.

One thing I liked about the zipatile was the “professional” look, its a purpose built wall mountable tablet with power ports hidden at the back etc

So, I’m now looking at my options and it seems that the Fire HD tablets may be the way to go in an enclosure.

I have a few questions:

Can the latest Fire 10 tablets be rooted and have a clean version of android installed?

I use Fully Kiosk Browser today - does this work well on the Fire HD tablets?

Is it possible to configure the screen to come on, on motion? (Using the camera for example). A benefit of the Zipatile is that it has a built in PIR sensor which I can use to trigger the display to turn on.

Any recommendations for enclosures that look the part?

Thanks in advance!


Fully Kiosk works well on my fire 10s with the stock Amazon OS. And it also allows the motion to turn the screen on. As for enclosures there are a few out there though I ended up 3D printing my own and making a recharge cable out of one of the wireless charging pads.

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Ok great. No issues with the amazon ads or the lock screen ?

What’s the performance like ? Is it very responsive ?


Actually I have the Canadian versions they don't have any of the ads etc. And are quite responsive.

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These are great mounts work good power options

As for the rest: Fully and all its PLUS features are perfect for what you're talking about--screen on with motion, off on darkness, etc. The lock screen and ads and such will be an issue if you use those features to completely turn the screen OFF. --No way to turn it back on in Fire OS without having to swipe away the lock screen/ads. But most people using fire tablets (there are many) use the black screensaver to simulate screen off.
As for myself, I hacked the bootloader and am running stock Android on mine, which alleviates all the shortcomings of fire OS, but my tablets are Fire 7s, not 10s, and I don't know if such a hack exists for the 10s. 7 and 8 yes. XDA Developers would be a good place to start your search.

EDIT: Yep. This should do it.

Don't know your level of experience with hacking/unlocking bootloaders, etc., but if you've never done it before, it can seem a little daunting. Just really take your time, read through everything first, and follow instructions step by step.

Good luck!


6th Gens or lower... The 7th and higher are not rootable.

No, actually they are. There are at least a couple different methods now. Here's one.

They're always working at these things, so any news of what can't be done is always worth checking out again, even if you looked recently. :+1:

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So it seems it has been done....... but not as easy as other fire tablets.


There is also easy root for the 7th, but this is not boot loader, I suppose, like you can with most of the other devices. Not positive about bypassing the lock screen with root and no bootloader, but this is all good info, as OP is looking for what to buy. eBay is always a good source for these dashboard tablets, and in my experience, the listings usually contain the info about what gen it is. So if you're interested in unlocking/rooting one, just make sure there's a way first, and but a device that you've confirmed can be exploited! :+1:


I'm going to play with that one....

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Rooted my HD 8 7th gen this morning... finally !


Rooted mine last week. Just for the heck of it. Any suggestions as to what to do with it rooted?

I haven't had a chance to try yet but I wanted to disable the lock screen.

Slowly turning it into a andriod tablet is my goal

Thanks guys, I went ahead and bought myself a fire 10.

I've been able to root it and remove the lockscreen / ads and all up and running with Fully Kiosk Browser (and actiontiles - yes, yes I know :slight_smile: )

I'll try and get some time at the weekend to write up what I did. for future reference, noting the comments about disabling the lock screen.


Awesome! Glad you are happy. My wife would kill me if I went 10 inch on the dashboards. LOL

@daniel.john.edge did you get your Fire 10 rooted and all setup?

I did indeed - I had completely forgotten about my commitment to update the post with details - sorry about that.

Working perfectly, I’ll try to find some time to update my original post this week.

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Just to note the current Fire 10 ‘latest’ 2019 is not yet rootable. AFAIK

Can anyone confirm they were able to root the 9th gen Amazon Fire HD 10?

I did a lot of searching and found a few ways to remove ads and some other bloat, but no all-out root. So, I returned it.