Fingerbot (switch bot clone)

I came across these while browsing foday. Looks like an upgrade from the switch bot where you can change the end to adapt to your needs

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When I read the title it took me back. :grinning:
Anyone over a certain age in the UK will know what I'm talking about.

Sorry for going off topic @Shaneb



I wonder how this compares to MicroBot Push (are they out of business now?), SwitchBot Bot (which you mentioned), and maybe any others I'm not aware of that are similar in concept. Most importantly, I'm curious if there is a local, documented API for that bridge/gateway thing they also have. I'm not aware that either of the others do, which in my opinion is crucial for making them anything beyond manufacturer-walled-garden toys. Kind of like most Wi-Fi smart bulbs (that's right, Paul). But I digress. :laughing:


Switchbot has an api but it’s Bluetooth

I still want a switchbot to turn my PC on and off. I can't get WOL to work being on different VLANS

@Shaneb - I have done exactly this using Switchbot & Fingerbot. They work great.

I love these Kickstarter videos. The gently inspiring music, the earnest presentation, the obvious product flaws which can be solved with your own 3D printed parts.

Ahhh, big stretch, I've just woken up! :laughing:

I can actually think of one, maybe two occasions I could use one of these. But I also see the reality.

  • Coffee pot with yesterday's used grinds and no water.
  • Light switches that are not feather-touch (like virtually every one in the UK) so the bot can't press it, or pushes itself off the switch and onto the floor.
  • You or your partner gets sick of it being in the way of the switch they want to use with their actual finger and removes it in a fit of rage.
  • Robot vac stuck under chair because of increased height.

But actually turning the computer on without wake-on-LAN... yeah, I could dig that. Or just wire a Zigbee relay onto the thing in parallel to the button.


Wait you have a fingerbot already?


I will post photos when allowed :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I did a write-up turning on my laptop docking station using Switchbot & Alexa;

Hope it helps!

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Love it. Mi only issue with fingerbot is US only purchase which will cost me $15 extra in shipping.

@wrs223 how does it compare to switchbot and do you have the hubs for both

Yes and duty + VAT too :frowning_bface:

Finger bot is a smaller and better product with the extensions available.

Yes I have hubs for both. Alexa isn’t working on the Finger bot app yet though.

Ah yeah there is that. I guess when you take into account the hub and such, switch bot comes in cheaper. I read your write-up why did you use the Mini hub? Isn't that just an IR device

I forgot to say the Finger Bot advantage of a rechargeable battery in my previous post but yes SwitchBot is cheaper.

My understanding is that the Hub Mini performance is the same as the Hub Plus.

SwitchBot Hub Mini is micro-USB powered, smaller, square and white, which makes it ‘blend’ in more.

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Ah I thought the hub mini was IR only and didn't have same features

Don't know if anyone has noticed the new version of this in Kickstarter w/ Zigbee as an option (even while saying there is no accommodation in the Zigbee standard for the full scope of capability of the device beyond "a switch").

Not something I'd want all over the house but it is intriguing to have handy in case there's something yah wanted to control temporarily without much effort.

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if it zigbee would work for turning on my smoker :slight_smile:
blah ill try 2 of them Ill be back in Dec asking a coder to help me get them working on hubitat

It's the 3AM temp check, coal push, and stoking with another split that I'd want to automate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, I know, they have something for that.... called a pellet smoker.

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