Fing as IFTTT Integration into their Fingbox (More presence options)


Fing announced today IFTTT integration to the fingbox (currently in beta). I currently have one sitting here and got in on the beta. I setup a quick rule and some virtual presence devices so that it would toggle them on and off based on my phones presence.

I've only done one test so far. When I left home it didn't mark me away. But when we drove back up it picked up my girlfriends phone right away. I must have messed up something.

But it seems to be using more than just network presence to detect the devices. Turning on/off the wifi doesn't change presence.

I'll have to do more testing in the coming days. But always good to have more options.


I got an email from Fing this morning that this is Live now. I LOVE my FingBox so did some testing already. With my Moto's presence settings in Fing set to 1m, I powered Moto off as an 'I'm away' test. It took about 2.5 minutes for a Hubitat action to execute based on my presence of away.

EDIT - I've run some additional timing tests and it seems that Fing servers poll every 1.5 minutes for presence changes. I get the email alert from Fing at about the same time the Hubitat execution occurs. That said, IFTTT seems to be executing VERY fast.

EDIT - Another test end to end took 3 minutes this time. IFTTT is still fast though. Fing polling seems to be the lag.

EDIT - Another test end to end took 1min 50sec. IFTTT is still fast though. Fing polling seems to be the lag.

EDIT - Arrival presence 1st test was 23 seconds.


On the iOS devices when they go to sleep they can drop off the network for a max of 15 minutes. I have 2 devices and have been logging ping results for months to determine the right amount of time to mark them as offline. They have never gone past 15 minutes. They rarely go past 10 minutes but I want as close to 100% reliablility.

I have my fingbox set to 15 mins as well and it works great.


Wifey and the youngster will hear some nice surprise "welcome homes" care of GH when they arrive home today.


Wow! Just installed this little magic puck and I'm impressed. Not only does it do a terrific job of policing your local network but with IFTTT intergration it makes an excellence presence sensor when linked to cell phones. We have 3 Android's and 1 iPhone and it nails them all.


You can also download the Domotz Pro program onto the Fingbox, and the Domotz Pro app onto your phone, and then VPN into it from anywhere. Doing that is $3 a month though.


Hi guys. I have a Fing Box and just got my Hubitat. Do you mind walking me through what you did to take advantage of "presence"? I want to turn on my WEMO switch/lights, change Ecobee mode, and greet the person by name via Google mini speaker.



Did you see this update on their FAQ:
Can I make connections work faster?

Answer: Fing implemented the IFTTT Realtime API to make sure each trigger from Fingbox is pushed to IFTTT in realtime with no delay, e.g. when you come home, the Digital Presence trigger is called immediately as soon as Fingbox device detects your presence.


Here is how I ended up doing it.

I created two activities:

I loaded @ogiewon 's switch/presence driver.

I created a virtual device for each family member:

I then created two triggers, one for arriving and one for departing:



It works pretty well. I have noticed a delay that is longer than I would like. Sometimes the mini does not announce them until minutes later. I am not sure where the delay is being injected.

Anyone else trying this and seeing the delay?