Finding Rules that are In Use By other Rules

I have a number of Rules that are run from within other Rules.
I am upgrading/rewriting v5.0 rules to v5.1.
So before rewriting a Rule to v5.1 it would be good to determine which other Rules invoke it.
Something like the list of In Use By for Devices..but for Rules


I requested this awhile ago.

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Okies and I assume nothing came of it?
How can we get some focus on this @bravenel ?

This isn't on our list to do; we can add it to the list, but it's not going to be a high priority. There is no mechanism to show this information anywhere useful.

Add me to the list wanting that feature...

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Definitely need this!

I requested an alternate solution to provide a complete listing of all rules. Dump into a text editor and could easily find who calls who. Also a lot easier to debug a complex set of rules when everything is in one listing.

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yea I have same issue .. would very much like some solution

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This would be great

Even just an exported file.

Or, a "referenced by" list (or button with a pop-up) on the rule's initial display page.