Finding global variable use

When you looks at a device page, down at the bottom is a list of all the rules effecting that device. A very handy feature. Is there something like that for global variables? A way to find out what routines are manipulating GVs?


Until Global Variables are available to all applications I'm not really tuned into them but I'd like to see that functionality. I know it goes back to the "shut up and use a virtual switch or dimmer" mentality but it's the principle... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There is a back door way to do this in 2.1.0. If you attempt to delete a GV in Rule Machine that is in use, it will stop and warn you about who is using it.

I'd be happy to provide the list of users, just need to figure out where in the UI to do it.

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And sometimes, that is all we need.

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to Bruce


Hi Bruce,

May not be elegant, but that does the trick. I tested it, but with only one dependent rule. If there are 3 or 4 will all of them be listed? I like the GVs and are using more every day. I count how many times a critter comes on my deck (wife feeds coons and possum). I'm starting to record hi/lo temps outside. Count the times I go downstairs, open the garage door, open the shop overhead doors, etc. Real critical

I'm still hoping for the ability to write to a text file. Something like

openfile "c:\mylogs\log1.txt" for append as mylog

writeln (mylog "movement on deck at {time}:{date}"

close myfile

This is a terrible example, but I'm sure you folks know what I'm getting at.

On my Homeseer system I kept track of power outages/restores, drive activity, alarm system arm/disarm, etc. Prior to Homeseer I used a Homevision controller and had a serial POS printer connected which made a hard copy of similar info.

This isn't a crucial thing, but it would be nice and I assume many might use it.

I have to say HE is the Ferrari of HA controllers. It is breathtaking the rate that enhancements appear. You folks are doing a splendid job, I hope sales go thru the roof.



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Set two dependencies and it shows both. Great!

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This is coming soon as a feature for RM.