Finding all new discovered switches

Hi All,

I just installed over 60 GE Zigbee switches and dimmers in one fell swoop. I ran the discovery process and now of course I have a hot mess on my hands. I have no way of identifying which switch is which. Any recommendations? Right now I am flicking a switch on and off constantly while walking around the house trying to figure out which one it is controlling. In a 5000 sq/ft 2 story house that is pretty exhausting and time consuming. LOL. Any recommendations on a better way to do this so that I don't spend all weekend walking around my house? :grimacing:

I would do the same thing you are. With this modification:

  1. Turn on info logging for all your Hubitat devices.
  2. Carry a phone/tablet with with you, turn live logging on, and flip each switch on/off.
  3. From the live log, get the device number - you can even click on it to rename that device.

Not much different than what you're doing.

At least you'll get your steps in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: