Find my Hub page not available? Also how to properly shutdown & restart?

The way I have been accessing my hub is via and it either takes me right to my hub, or asks me to login, or at other times I click "Find my hub" at the top right of that page and then I log in.

Starting yesterday, clicking "Find my hub" returns a site cannot be reached page:

I googled around and found this site:
Which lists my hub name, and when I click on my hub name, I got right in.

So my questions are:

  1. Is something wrong on my end or Hubitats end, or did Hubitat just change things?
  2. Should I use the Hubitat Portal site to access my hub from now on?
  3. This portal page has a message "below are the Hubitat Elevation hubs found on your local network". Was I not accessing my hub locally before?

In the googling around I did, there were some instructions about restarting the hub periodically, as well as properly shutting it down and restarting, but no specific directions on that.

  1. Should I just click "Reboot (Reboot hub)" from the settings page? Does that properly shut it down and restart it? There is also a "Shutdown" option. What is the difference? Does that only shut it down, and if so, how would you restart it?

Are you looking to connect to your dashboard, or the administration interface?

For the admin interface, are you able to access it by going to http://hubitat.local?

If you want access to your dashboards, from within the admin interface, you can go to the “Dashboard” and bookmark that page. It will enable you to go to it directly.

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Yes the reboot option is a safe reboot. Shutdown will do a safe shutdown and you have to manually disconnect the power (for 10+ seconds) and plug it in again to reboot. The only advantage of the shutdown is it will totally shut down and restart the zwave and zigbee chips which can help if they are having issues.

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It sounds as though your ip has changed on the hub.

Step 1> Set a DHCP reservation on your server so no matter what, when your hub boots it gets the same ip address.

Step 2> Instead of going to or anything else, simply go to the ip you established in your DHCP reservation on your router. For instance, when I open my web browser on my pc I simply go to and go straight to the hub, no fuss no muss.

Step 2.5 (optional) or open up web browser and go to hubitat.local

Step 2 preferred.


I doubt the problem is from the hub IP changing. Both the and are externally hosted sites and they appear to be on different load-balanced server clusters according to the dns records.

I am guessing that the findmyhub site was just temporarily unavailable for you at that time, could have been due to various reasons.

With that being said, the advice to set a fixed IP via DHCP and then accessing it directly from the IP or hubitat.local is solid advice.

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I mentioned the ip change because sometimes it lags in updating the hubitat servers is all.

I doubt it was unavailable. is http. Likely the browser is trying to open https.


Thank you all.

@Sebastien - I was trying to connect to the administration interface. http://hubitat.local works. Based on comments below I will use that as a second option, and first try the IP address assigned to the Hubitat. But it is good to know about http://hubitat.local because that is easier to remember if I don't remember the IP...

@jtp10181 - Thank you for the clarification! I will try a reboot also. Probably just good for it every once in awhile.

@rlithgow1 - re your step 1 of:

"Set a DHCP reservation on your server so no matter what, when your hub boots it gets the same ip address."

I don't have a server. However, my router is set up with "Manual MAC and IP Address Binding." I understood this will ensure the Hubitat always gets the same IP address.
I will use the ip address to access the hub.

@bobbyD - you are correct, the browser is trying to go to https. Each time I change it to http:// it goes back to https://. Does not matter because I'm going to use the above info and get to the hub via IP address.

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Yeah that's your DHCP server :slight_smile:

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