Find Hybrid Keypad Dimmer ID

Not too long ago I posted about using a Lutron RadioRA 2 Hybrid Keypad. I've got the Main repeater linked to my 3 button keypad. I have figured out how to separate the "Local Load" from the keypad itself and I am able to kick off actions inside of hubitat from the keypad.

I might be thinking about this incorrectly - but from the integration report it doesn't seem that the dimmer that's apart of the hybrid keypad has an integration ID? So I'm trying to find out if it's possible to control the dimmer portion from hubitat.

OK, I see it's been a day and no one's responded. I don't have any hybrid keypads, but here's something you can try: press (and release) your desired buttons while you have "Logs" (on the left) open in Hubitat. Do you see events from the Lutron telnet device registering? If so, you should be able to do something with those. Because I can't test with one, I unfortunately don't know exactly what this would look like, but it may get you started.

Thank you for your reply! I will try to post what it shows in the logs - but it's something like this:

rcvd: DEVICE,8,85,0

It seems to reference the dimmer device as almost as a button. I was unable to press the button through Hubitat.

The key pad and dimmer have separate integration ids in lutron RadioRA2

Seein the screen shot one Iā€™d for living room nook dimmer and another Id for the keypad.

Figured it out!

I was perusing the Lutron Integration documentation and found this:

and noticed the format for '#OUTPUT' log entries for dimmers matched what I was seeing on
Hubitat. In the example below it seems that the device ID of the dimmer is 7.

So I added it as a device inside of RadioRA2 integration using the ID 7, and it worked!