Find app by App number?

Hello - is there a way to determine which app the log is referring to when there is an error?

I'm guessing it's the Amazon Echo skill but is there really no easy way to cross reference the app number with a specific app?

Click on the app:69 link.


Click on the word "error" that is in red/white - it will open the app in question.

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Click on the 'app:xx' and then look at the top portion of the screen. It will highlight the app.

Also, you can click on the 'Debug' or 'Error' and it will bring you to the app itself.

Edit: @aaiyar - Ha, you're too quick!


Thanks all - clicking on the app:69 worked. I'd tried that previously, but I had asked Safari to open the link in a new tab - it just created a new tab with the whole log :man_shrugging:t3:

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