Finally updating to C7

So I did a stupid thing. I was having an issue with a Zooz switch not responding so I decided to plug the usb stick to the PC to run the desktop software to see if I can mess with it. Well that didn't end well, I accidentally deleted the Zwave devices by doing the reset. So instead of re-adding to the C4 or my spare C5, I decided to upgrade to the C7. So far the inclusion of all the light switches were easy. Next up will be the locks and garage door openers.

Now should I leave the old C4 running with all the ZigBee devices on it and mesh the two? Or mesh the 3 with the C5 running web related devices?

If I mesh them then it won't be too bad because I won't have to re-create all the RM rules and other automation apps? Do I loose anything with this scheme?



Leaving the zigbee on the C4 and using Hub Mesh to get to the C7 devices is a viable option, and one that many on here have done.


My setup is a C7 for Z-Wave, C5 for Zigbee and C-5 for network/cloud apps & devices. If you are considering a similar approach I would probably use the C4 for the cloud stuff and use C5 for Zigbee. It is my understanding that the C5 and C7 have the same ZB radio chipset. Dunno if that's true between C4 & C5 but maybe. If the C4 dies (like mine did) then it won't be as much of an impact.

Also I did the exact same thing years ago so feel your pain.. :sob:


Thanks for the inputs. How did you transfer the ZigBee stuffs to the C5? Was it done manually or is there a way to migrate them to the C5.

Just did a backup of my C4 and restored it to the C5 then deleted any Z-Wave devices. At the time I had 2 C4s by location rather than by protocol type. You might have to go into add Zigbee devices and have the hub find each device again but they should just fall into place.

You can ALSO do this for Z-Wave and the C-7.. but since the ZW devices are with the chipset you still have to re-pair each one BUT if you play some games with the DNIs you can keep your rules etc.

Thanks.. I thought it was pretty straight forward the way I did it. Included all the Zwave in to the C7 then share them with the mesh. I then edit all the rules and swapped the old devices to the new devices for all the automation. Wasn't too bad really.

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Mesh is really easy to use. I have two hubs. One for apps rules, etc and one for devices. I'm contemplating adding 2 more hubs one for zigbee devices (though not at all necessary) and one for cloud devices and services so I could isolate them from. Everything else if needed. Just need to figure out how to use Alexa with meshed devices... Names get so long and awkward with meshed devices. At least on my stuff.

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Do you mean the “on hub name” extension added? If yes on the meshed device you can enter a label that overrides the long name with the suffix. I did that on all 200+ devices that are meshed on my coordinator hub. Alexa gets the label if set.