Finally migrated to my new C-7... Should have stuck with my C-4... Routes all messed up

So I finally decided to migrated to the new C7 my wife got me for Christmas. I was going to migrate to the C-5 she got me last Christmas, but never got around to it.

I decided I wanted a fresh start, so I wanted to exclude from the C4 and include on the C7. Everything seemed to go fine, but for some reason my z-wave network is having tons of trouble. Once second a light switch will work, and the next no response. My z-wave repairs keep showing more failed nodes than good. I connected up my Pc Controller to look for ghosts, and there were a few (probably when I was trying to get some of my farther away zooz light switches connected), and I was able to remove all 1 one of them. The last ghost doesn't seem to be in anyone's cluster/route though.

How long do I let the z-wave "settle" before I start removing devices and re-adding them?

When I've had issues with z-wave I give it a good 24 hours without making any changes that involve Inclusion/Exclusion.

And it might take longer - some say 48 hrs and for some routing issues a week or so.


I also have migrated over 75+ devices from ST -> HE and the Zigbee devices are rock solid, the Z-Wave devices are hit & miss. Every day, C7 is getting better, but it looses one or two Zooz switches that I have to rerun inclusion with 'no security'.

I'm on day 3 without any drops, just one ZEN2x switch that is unresponsive in the morning and wakes up and works after a few toggles....go figure!

Still HE is heads above ST... My C5 has chatty Z-Wave motions sensors and Hub Mesh is my friend


You need to understand that, as you are migrating, you have two parallel meshes that coexist but do no interact. So, you start out with a weak C-7 mesh that grows stronger as the C-4 mesh grows weaker. One way is to rip the Band-Aid off, shut off the C-4, exclude the devices from the C-7, include from the C-7 out.

One thing you will have to deal with on theC-7 when including is that if you get any โ€œghost nodesโ€ from failed includes (no in/out clusters), you need to remove those nodes before proceeding. Shutdown occasionally, remove power (at wall, not at hub), reboot to check if ghost nodes.


I'm still getting weird re-inclusion issues. Devices that have already been included and are working just pop up for inclusion again. If I click away everything is okay, if I click save then I lose the label and have to figure out where it came from.

Note: it only seems to happen when I have a different device in pairing mode. If I just run a bare inclusion nothing happens as expected.

Agreed, and about 1/2 way through the migration I did just that, got rid of all the C4 devices and turned it off.

I guess it is time to just leave it along and see how things shake out in a couple of days. (super frustrating though :slight_smile: )


Patience is a virtue.


I'm also get similar issues.. i'm also thinking I should have stuck with C4. IMHO C7 is not yet ready for general release.


I too, am glad, that I have a C5 to supplement the unique issues of the C7 and Z-Wave. I was intending to migrate all 75+ devices to the C7, but ran into a brick wall with frequent ghost dvices and mesh corruption with my brand new Z-Wave motion sensors on the C7. Hub Mesh has been a lifesaver for synchronizing the motion to the C7 where most of the Rules, Motion and Simple Automations exist.

So far this is what is basically working for my setup:


  • Zooz 4-1 Motion Sensors (Z-Wave)
  • Fibaro ZW5 Motion Sensors (Z-Wave)
  • Sonos, Logitech, MyQ Garage, ThinQ, a few others


  • Zooz ZEN2x Switches (Z-Wave no security)
  • Zooz ZEN16 Multi Relay (Z-Wave no security)
  • Dome Leak Sensors, Water Valve (Z-Wave)
  • Grabber Blinds (Z-Wave)
  • iPhone mobile presence (3 devices)
  • Wi-Fi Z-Wave Bulb
  • Smoke/CO Detector (Z-Wave)
  • Kwikset 916 Lock (Z-Wave)
  • Generic (Z-Wave) Repeater(s)
  • All Zigbee Contact/Motion Sensors
  • EnvisaLink, Alarmdecoder, Echo Speaks, Ecobee, Lock Code Manager, a few others
  • Amazon Echo, Sharptools, Sleep Number, Ambient Weather Station
  • LIFX

My C-5 is dedicated to all things Zigbee, My C-7 has all my Z-Wave devices and a C-4 from my original migration is now used for cloud and network apps. Slightly overkill but I like the separation and is working for the most part...

My client has a C-7 main which is a mixture of Z-Wave+ (all S2 - most paired with no security)/Zigbee and their original C-5 in the (very) detached but wired garage. Their mesh seems to be much improved especially after I left it alone for a while. I am getting some non-responsive devices that I'll have to exclude/include.


Interestingly, I had transitioned my Fibaro ZW5 Motion Sensor to my C7 and noticed today that it wasnโ€™t working... Only 100% battery power was going through - nothing else. I moved it to my C5 and it seems to be working fine now...


This is probably not C-7 related, but all of my apps seem to be running on east coast time and not mountain. I realized this when I setup my apps and one of them ran 2 hours early. I double checked my location settings, and it was originally eastern when I setup the jobs, but switched it to mountain. No change, my apps kept running 2 hours early. I then checked my location, and it was still properly set at mountain, but my location on the map was still somewhere east"ish". I got that moved to the correct position, but we will see.

Has anybody else experienced this? Does the time setup in a job remember what the time zone was when setup vs. using the system time zone setting?

This is what I plan to do once the z-wave migrations/back up service is released by HE.
Have the C7 (sitting unplugged right now) handle my z-wave devices & Rule Machine, and have my C5 be Zigbee + Cloud/Apps.

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That's basically what I do right now. C7=zwave, C4=zigbee and my 1 cloud app (life360).

So the Z-wave migration will be able to move the z-wave devices from a C5 to a C7? Would that make any difference for the people having Z-wave problems? Wouldn't the dropping and ghost stuff still happen the same?

I guess that depends on the implementation and how it's handled by the chipset..