Finally got my awning into Hubitat via bond, any cool automations you’d suggest?

I also have h.a, node red, and homebridge of that matters. Thank you. I assume (came with house) it was expensive and a can’t afford to fix it so I’d rather not have it move every single day


Two automations I can think of:

  1. Retract your awning when the wind-speed exceeds whatever the manufacturer recommends.
  2. Extend the awning on sunny days when you're out on your porch.

What you use to accomplish this, thx

I can recommend Ecowitt weather stations (which have an anemometer) with @anon81541053's excellent drivers. You could also use netatmo's but the reporting interval is at best 5 minutes.


What @rocketwiz said.

The Weatherflow Tempest is another really good PWS. Also with an excellent driver by @anon81541053!


Not the most exciting of automations, but retracting your awning as you move into the evening.


What is the wind direction attribute like with Tempest? Does it offer actual degrees or is it generic such as SE, SW etc...? I'm looking to be able to have a trigger like if the speed is >10 mph and the direction is between 210 and 290 degrees.

FWIW the ecowitt will display in both degrees and compass points.


I do love using my hubitat for automation. I also have my awning working with bond. But to keep the awning safe I just have the somfy wind detector directly on the awning.

It is amazing to see how much tolerance it does have for wind. But also some major bursts that have triggered it to close.

The only automation I can think of to run through bond is to have it open if a lux sensor detects sunlight over x. But I haven't implemented that yet. Good luck.