Finally emptied my Hue Bridge


I've got 20 some Hue Lights, RGB and RGBW strips, Blooms, Lux bulbs and Living Colors, mixed in with Ikea bulbs, Osram CT fixtures and Osram RGBW, and a few Auduro CT bulbs, all happily coexisting on a dedicated HE...


Holy shit.... How did I miss all this ? I feel like I just walked out of the stone age....

Do I have to reset the HUE bulbs in any special way to get them on HE ?


Mostly yes, I've had success deleting via the Hue app and pairing directly, but if that doesn't work they need a factory reset...
I use a no longer available Lutron Bulb remote for this, but there are many other devices that can reset a ZLL touchlink bulb...


My color ones I had to reset after I removed them from the hub, my single color ones I didn't. And you must be a recovering ST user thinking you needed some special device handler and some tinkering....


I had a few Cree bulbs "fall off" my dedicated bulb hub, so either I have really bad luck or they're so bad they don't even do a good job for themselves. Luckily, they've been solid for me when on a Hue Bridge network, where I moved them all back to as they fell off.


Not really -- HUE isn't on any TODO list because it just works. Second I didn't know that HE was supporting ZLL now.


It doesn't really; ZLL is more or less a subset of ZHA (plus allowances for hubless operation). Some say ZLL "falls back" to ZHA, others say it doesn't really matter, but in any case, it works (even on ST). Not that I'd try if you have a Hue Bridge--not only does that eliminate mesh problems bulbs can cause, Hue has better scene support and lots of polished integrations.


I dont use any HUE scenes or those fancy settings... the lights are on or off -- so getting rid of the HUE hub would be nice.


Hue scenes are still nice for on/off because it eliminates the "popcorn effect," but for just on/off you'd probably have just as much luck with group messaging (which Hubitat can do). However, as I'm sure you've read elsewhere, I'd still keep the Hue Bridge (or a dedicated Hubitat, which probably won't help your goal) if you have any other kind of Zigbee devices on your hub.


But only if you have a dedicated Hubitat hub with nothing else on the Zigbee radio. If you already have a Hue bridge, why buy another hub?


The reason I did was because through Hubitat, I couldn't control the colors of third party RGB and RGBW devices add to my Hue. So if I was going to move some over, I might as well move them all over. I'll wait for the first shoe to drop...


The support for zigbee group messaging in our groups app isn't limited to on off, it covers the full spectrum of color commands.


Then they don't have the correct driver assigned to them. I have non-hue devices assigned to my hue bridge and i can control RGB and RGBW on them. Just have to make sure the right driver is picked in HE.


Okay..... so what you are saying is that instead of relying on the HueRGBW driver (I forget the name because I deleted them all) I could have changed the driver on Hubitat to the Generic Zigbee RGBW bulb?


He's talking about zwave and lan color devices...


No, the generic rgbw driver is a zigbee driver, the hue driver is specific to the hue integration and can only chat up the hue integration app...


That's what I thought.


@sgrayban - A Hue dimmer can work in place of a Lutron Connected Bulb Remote to reset.


Then how would he have added them to his hue bridge? I have found that several third party devices don't get the correct HE driver when paired to hue and synced to HE.


Apologies for any confusion, since I didn't mean to imply that (just limiting the scope to what the poster was talking about). What I did mean to imply is that group messaging can't help with emulating scenes on Hue where activating a scene can set multiple bulbs to different settings with what I'm asssuming is only one command (or at least it's able to happen everywhere simultaneously, presumably leveraging an on-device scene table).