Finally a local based POE Doorbell with NVR and Home Automation Integration!

Thought some others may enjoy this video. I am for sure going to pick one up to test. Hoping it can also integrate with HE as it does with HAS as referenced in this video.


Nice Find!
HE has no native support for ONVIF or RTSP streams but with HA & MQTT options, you’re only limitation is how creative you want to be.
I did see he mentioned that it had an image snapshot URL function, nice find.
Thanks again

It's not the only nor first door bell that's local and integration friendly. It however might be the cheapest.

And largest. Where the heck would you mount that giant thing next to your door???


I watched a few mins of the video, it seems to be designed more as an intercom panel with door access control etc.

So while it can probably be used as a standard doorbell, I agree the footprint would probably be problematic for your average front doorway area.

It would be nice to have the option to connect other popular video doorbells via Ethernet for both power and data, though.

curious to see how you like.

All POE doorbell that I have seen have a larger foot print but this appears to be a bit larger.
I do not see a north american plug for the network switch.
Great price though.
A lot cheaper than the Ring Elite I am running but the Ring Elite integrated great with my amazon echos.
Running cat 6 to your doorbell is a real pain though.

Did he have on his list "the doorbell must be as big as my head" it's not a doorbell it's almost a door

LOL... Guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

This looks promising, the two issues I have with it are the size, but more importantly the fact he said the IR cut filter doesn't activate until the button is pressed. I'm hoping he just missed an option in the camera's web interface for changing that to automatically enable in low light like the rest of their cameras. Most people don't ring my doorbell anymore so it wouldn't capture anything useful at night without it. In the video he actually said the IRs don't activate unless pressed but as there was a security camera with it's IRs on above him it seems to be the cut filter not flipping until pressed.

I use a 4k onvif video camera hung from the eave, hooked into Camect for person detection, and get Google home notification house page from home assistant.

I have a fake doorbell switch for their comfort.

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The title of the video and post says NVR - does it have that inbuilt ? I maybe missed it in the video

There's also the DoorBird unit with local API / ONVIF and a lot more features although a lot more $$ - similar size.