Fill out Stacey on IOT survey!

There's a survey on Stacey on IOT asking about where users automate and Hubitat is not in the choices. Fill out the survey and note your use of Hubitat in the last question!


WILCO. Weird the questionnaire only permits a single answer to "Which smart home automation system...?" when so many of us use multiple platforms.

NOTE that Q1's "Other" choice does not provide space to enter an unlisted response, so you must do so in Q3 as instructed by OP.

I noted Hubitat usage in Question 3. I said something like "I use Hubitat to automate my devices because the built in automation apps work well"


HE is local. :smile:

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Direct link to 3 question super quick survey if you don't want to hunt for it in the article:


"We asked, and 79 of y’all answered what hub system you use for creating smart home routines. Apparently, a lot of y’all use Hubitat"


I especially :rofl: at the tiny slice for SmartThings.
Granted it was a survey of only 79 people but still funny.

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That’s a pretty small survey…


I guess Hubitat is “other?” I think all the survey really demonstrated is this community is more motivated to answer that survey than the users of the other automation systems that were listed.

At least it’s never a bad thing to get the word out re: Hubitat on a popular podcast (I think? I don’t really listen to many podcasts).

For someone like me, it's difficult to answer a poll like that since I technically have 5 different hub systems in operation, all doing their own specific tasks.

In my case, Alexa, Hubitat, and SmartThings are the main systems, with Ikea Dirigera and Home Assistant in support roles.

Hubitat has been mentioned on the podcast in the past.

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