File this under "Some day, Maybe" Local Voice Control


This could be used in conjunction with the HE integration allowing you to control devices on your HE hub.... I have not done this yet but am intrigued by the possibilities. HA would then become a specialized "services" server.

Cool idea but I personally think the hype over voice assistants going away is over dramatic.

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Or even better, just directly to Hubitat. :slight_smile: Should be possible since they have an API and a few different ways to make it work at that. That being said, I've tried all the options they mention in that article, and nothing has really worked for me so far, but maybe making the primary dev behind this one a Nabu Casas employee will help it get better.

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The only non-big 3 option that I know of that works, and works better than they do is It's privacy focused, but not all local. It's also $600/receiver + annual subscription. Also not DIY.

Amazon is reportedly losing 10B a year on Alexa and just fired most of the VA staff. Microsoft did the math first and shuttered Cortana a few years ago. Google is losing money just as fast and has hinted at cuts. It sounds serious to me.

Apple is sitting pretty good I hear so Siri might be around longer than the others.

Not my problem though, as I ditched voice control for full automation pretty early.

I had not seen the actual numbers. It's wild to me that something so integral to modern home, pop culture etc is that much in danger.

For the vast majority of people a smart home just means you have an Echo.

I would almost envision riots if that were to go away.

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