Fibaro zw5 inclusion

just got 2 FGMS-001 devices (new in box). These would be first zwave devices to be added to my hub (C5/latest fw).
zwave setting screen is "all secure zwave" "enabled" with currently no devices.
After many attempts, device inclusion does not find either device (although blue join led active on device).
i've added many zigbee devices with no issue so wondering what may be amiss

Try setting your security to “Locks / Garage” instead and see if that helps.

oops should have mentioned, i tried both settings. no luck...

That’s odd... I have one of those and haven’t had any issues pairing it to my C5.

How close are you to the Hub when trying to pair them? It might not pick them up if they are too far away.

If you haven’t already, try to exclude them first. Then try to include them.

Oh, and welcome to the community! :smiley:

as usual with HE, success but not sure why. followed your advice to exclude, repair and then join right next to the hub and miracles happen. thanks for your feedback! (I've operating in community under other persona and enjoy support tremendously)

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Happy to help you in all your personas! :blush:

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