FIBARO Z-Wave Plus Flood and Temperature Sensor FGFS-101 ZW5 - FGFS-101

using codersaur’s code SmartThings/devices/fibaro-flood-sensor at master · codersaur/SmartThings · GitHub
I have replaced physicalgraph with hubitat and removed the Tiles definitions from the DH
still no luck.
They pair fine but not funcuting
I need the water and temperature from these.

Anyone get these working?

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working !!

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thanks @Tony

working now it took a lot of hardware reset for this to start working removing and re-installing
The biggest thing is you don’t see anything at first when you click on the Fibaro sensors unless you use water to test them or look on the devices events page. Even after testing in water I only see
Current States

  • water : wet


  • water : dry
    but it stays now (until it is wet again)
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I recall this phenomenon as well when I set up the Aeotec DSB45. Initially the current states was blank on the device page, after I wet the probe on the sensor it started showing wet/dry and producing log entries. Also, I didn’t get a battery report right away, but sometime later (as soon as I stopped looking for it) it started reporting battery.

Funny, I just ordered one of these. I want to use one with a power connection for a drain pan under a steam shower unit. I hate having to deal with removing screws in the access panel just to change batteries.

When you say this … do you mean temperature also?

I tried the generic Z Wave Water Sensor driver, and also the DTH with modifications you describe and cannot get any temperature info out of the device.

I just used SmartThings z wave water sensor DH and the device status page does not show temp in the overview but it is in the events so it should be easily added to the status page. If not in the events possibly not fully paired.

I am no coder (it’s been 15 years)
but to mod the generic z wave moisture DH above you can add

capability "Temperature Measurement"

and add
valueTile(“temperature”, “device.temperature”, inactiveLabel: false, width: 2, height: 2) {
state “temperature”, label:’${currentValue}°’,
[value: 31, color: “#153591”],
[value: 44, color: “#1e9cbb”],
[value: 59, color: “#90d2a7”],
[value: 74, color: “#44b621”],
[value: 84, color: “#f1d801”],
[value: 95, color: “#d04e00”],
[value: 96, color: “#bc2323”]

then change to this
main([“water”, “temperature”])
details([“water”, “Temperature”])

I am sure some one else could do a better job here than this but it should work.
Temperature only reports every 0.5 degree change.

@NoWon Would you supply the entire code for your DH? I have the non Z-Wave Plus (just regular Z-Wave) version of this sensor and can't get it to return anything when using the generic Z-Wave Water sensor.

If you can hang on for a few more days the next build has a driver for this device.


I am out of town and will not be home for another week and Mike's will be better anyways.

Works for me. Thanks again to you both.

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