Fibaro Wall Plug Not Changing Power States When Lamp Is Turned On/Off

My Fibaro wall plug changes power states when the plug is turned on and off but does nothing when a lamp that's plugged into it is turned on and off. Hitting refresh also updates the state.

What gives?

I excluded, reset, and included the plug and I get changing states every 20-30 seconds. Better than it was, but haven't changed any settings on the stock driver yet.

What metering plugs have you had success with? Are they sensitive enough to detect an LED bulb?


I could only assume this might be a mesh issue, as I have 12 of these and all 12 update power reporting within a few seconds of the power changing.

Here is what I have most of my devices preferences set to.

Fibaro's measure to the 0.1 watts so yes they are able to detect LED bulb. The one I have on one of my deep freezers has an LED bulb on the outside, when the freezer is not running it typically gives me a reading of 0.2 watts for that bulb being on.

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