Fibaro Thermostat - Control only Manually


I went for the relatively expensive Fibaro thermostat heads hoping their working out-of-the-box would make their control easy.
Integration into the hub went flawlessly, I can read their temperature, set new setpoints from the devices page.

I've first set-up a thermostat scheduler for one thermostat, then a thermostat controller for another thermostat. Neither of them appear to send the configured commands to the thermostat heads.

After fiddling-around with pretty much every parameter available I'm getting increasingly frustrated. It seems as if I must make a really stupid mistake ... I'm just unable to find it.
A hint will be much appreciated.


I had the same problem but i gave up...

You don't need the thermostat controller. It is not designed to work with TRVs that have their own effective PID algorithm control.

Use the Thermostat Scheduler app only.

Also, do not poll these Z-wave FLiRS devices every 2 minutes - this creates problems. Polling is not needed - the Fibraro TRV will automatically report the heating setpoint, measured temperature, and the battery level when it changes.

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I tried using the thermostat controller after I could not get the scheduler to work.

I found after much fiddling around that I must only adapt the temperature set point, may not set the mode to heating or anything else per line in the scheduler. If all fields except the temp update remains grey it works for me.

Maybe this helps someone.

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