Fibaro Smart Implant

I just ordered one with plans to put it in our small hot tub. Should I do a walk through when I get it sorted out?


Yes please!

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I have one of these, good device to have.

I have installed 2 of these lately to turn down by ST hub.
I have one in the pool controller and one in my fermenter.
As they come the size of an M&M, pictures are deceiving, I have mounted them with a power supply in a small commercial outdoor box and just exposed the power cord and DS1820 sensor. I bough new ones from Aartech as they have a 3 M wire whereas my old ones are only 1.5M and didn't reach the pool plumbing.

I think they're great - there's not much similar from other brands (at least in the UK) I have two of them and they work well with the driver from christi999.

I have one in my alarm system - the two inputs monitor the part set status and full set status, while the two outputs can arm/disarm part set and full set. The other I use for the bed TV lift (I did a post on that) with the outputs used to signal the controller to go up/down and the inputs are used for a remote switch for the same TV lift.

I've a third that I'm waiting to install. I'm hoping to butcher (carefully disassemble without prior knowledge while hoping not to bugger it) my Aqualisa shower bluetooth remote. The idea is that I'll put the implant and the remote to which it is connected in a small enclosure tucked away in a bathroom cupboard. I should then be able to start the shower via Hey Siri (Homebridge), Alexa or add it to a Good Morning RM rule.

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