Fibaro Smart Implant as a Garage Door Opener, switch stays closed


Need some help. I wired the Smart Implant Output 1 and Output 2 in parallel with the wall momentary switches to the garage door opener. The plan is to have the wall switches and the Fibaro open and close the doors. All is well, the problem is when I trigger the Fibaro output it stays in the closed position, therefore nullifying the trigger from the wall switch.

The workaround is to command the garage door from the device menu itself. I have to tell the switch to turn on (garage door triggers) and then I have to tell the switch to be off (normally open contact) to allow the wall switch to work. Is there a way I can make this momentary on then off for let's say 1 second? I did set the switches to "Monophasic" but I have no options for time control. Do I have to create a rule for the dashboard with a virtual button for this to work? Again, everything works, it's just when I trigger the Fibaro output switch, it stays in the "on" or closed, contacts engaged position.


I have found my own answer!!

It is a weak driver that was in Hubitat by default...

This driver is the winner. Thank you to the developer!

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I tried that driver and it still didnt work for me. I am trying to find the settings to get into parameters and change the latch time to 0.1 seconds but still no luck; even after the new driver installed. Cant even get into parameters.

nodemcu / konnected.

works ace.