Fibaro roller shutter 2 as double switch driver

I have several fibaro roller shutter 3 for my shutters, and got one roller shutter 2.
The RS2 behaves differently and less comfortable for shutters, so I have thought about using it as double relay switch.
But I haven’t managed to find a driver that will supply this functionality.

Fibaro double switch relay 222 does not work with it.
Where can I find documentations on how to modify it, or driver for that matter?



These are community drivers (mostly imported from ST) and I am afraid you will not find documentation for them.
If you have coding abilities you could try editing them by yourself.
By the way, what is the issue you are seeing with Fgr-222 for rollers?

Thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:
The issue I experienced is that it works as momentary switch instead of regular, I found the documentation and parameters to send, and working with the basic z-wave tool driver.

The documentation states to change a scene but it appears not to work,
Part of the docs:

Change parameter 50 to 1 in order to enable Scene Activation functionality.
SCENE ID value sent at specified configuration:

Toggle switches (parameter 14 = 1, parameter 10 = 0,1,2)
SCENE ID: S1 input SCENE ID: S2 input
10 : OFF to ON
11 : ON to OFF
14 : 2 x click 20 : OFF to ON
21 : ON to OFF
24 : 2 x click
25 : 3 x click

I am not sure how to change it,