Fibaro RGBW Controller

Hi, I've searched on the forums and can't find a straight answer. I have the Fibaro RGBW Controller and it fell right into Hubitat, but I can't get it to work for anything. It will not turn on or off. I used the default Hubitat Driver.


What do have connected to it?

Its very unstable . I gave up on them....

@mailtomatte What type of instability did you experience. I have a Fibaro and Zooz RGBW. I find the Zooz to be easier to pair and operate. However for the Fibaro once it is set the way I want and I just need to turn it on and off it seems to work OK. I've had it on my system for > a year.

It only responded when it felt for it... They say there is problems with 700chip and fibaros

So from what I'm understanding... It doesn't work with Hubitat? It's in my device list I just can't turn it on or off. It just doesn't work. I really don't want to buy a different RGBW controller this was 60.00

I got it to work using the Zooz RGBW Dimmer driver.

How to you change the color?

I have a Fibaro RGBW Controller 2 (Model: FGRGBW-442) on a C-7 and am using the Zooz RGBW Dimmer driver. I am using it to control one of my kid's LEDstrips that 'frame' their computer monitors so that they have at least some light on their faces during school's Zoom meetings.

I bought this Fibaro on August 17th, according to Amazon. For some reason that I can't recall, I have the device name as "Zooz..." using the Zooz driver... but it's the Fibaro... and I just updated the Device Name a minute or so ago. :smiley: maybe because they are both Black cases and the Qubino's I use are Blue??

These particular LEDstrips are turned on each day at the start of a school day and off again well after school is supposed to be done. The kids expect them to come on and will tell me if they don't. No failure so far, other than the one day I unplugged the wall wart, thinking it was the OTHER wall wart. Each child has picked their own favorite color and each day they turn on to those colors. Once a month or so, they've gotten tired of the old color and asked for me to change them. All of this works as expected... for ME.


C7 with Fibaro -441 (i.e. V1) and Hubitat Built in driver.

Might be an unstable combination. However my Fibaro is driving a Warm White + Cool White strip (only using two channels). Once I got it paired I've had no issues.

Note, the Zooz RGBW is made by Fibaro. Hence the remarkable similar housing and connections.

Strange how the Fibaro driver doesn't work but Zooz does if they are made by the same people.

I think its not so strange. Zooz contracts with Fibaro. Zooz wants to put their own "style" in the operation. Fibaro (at least in the V1) has capabilities that is not in the Zooz device, to justify their cost.


plus the RGBW controller is just Z-wave. The controler 2 is z-wave plus, what is the Zooz?

The Zooz RGBW is ZWave Plus. But it is a LOT newer than my older Fibaro RGBW V1.

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