Fibaro motion sensor (ZW5) does not report motion and acceleration and tamper states not shown

I bought four Fibaro motion sensor (ZW5)s. The first one works as it should. The second one I opened did not report motion and on the config page the states for acceleration nor temper show up at all. Temperature seems to work and the sensor itself indicates (via LED) that it detects motion and tamper as it should but I can not see motion go active and as stated acceleration nor tamper even show up. All three devices were purchased at the same time, I am using Hubitat 7 version and am using the in-built drivers (device type is Fibaro motion sensor ZW5.

I gave up on the second sensor after including, excluding, factory reset and all config options, config does work as pendingChanges goes to zero after hitting config and putting sensor in config mode (hitting B button 3 times). I opened the third sensor, activated it and included it in the network and the exact same thing happens with it. No motion reported even though motion is indicated at the sensor and acceleration and temper states are not shown.

I'm new to Z Wave and Hubitat but I have read a lot and I don't think I'm making a mistake. Can anyone offer any help? I'm inclined to just return the sensors and try something different as two failures out of three seems to indicate some basic problem.

I've had a right mess on with the Fibaro Motion sensors. I originally had some of the old models that weren't Z wave plus so I've removed them and replaced with the newer ones. After that I found the range was awful on the new ones and I couldn't understand why. What I've found is that some of the settings don't seem to be correct in the driver with regard to default values etc. My fix:

  • Temporarily change the driver to the Basic Z Wave Tool
  • Open the logs in a separate window
  • Triple click button to wake the sensor, then click Get Parameter Report within the tool
  • Check all reported parameters against those in page 11 - 17 of the manual
  • Manually change individual parameters using the tool (make sure sensor remains awake or they will not be sent to the device)
  • Change the driver back and click save - then leave alone!

The default sensitivity in the Hubitat driver is shown as 2, Fibaro manual states the default is 15 and cannot be set below 8. When I checked with the tool they were all at 24 - hence my range issue. I've just scribbled down which settings I wanted to change and made the changes for each of my 4 devices with the Z wave tool before switching back to the Hubitat driver.

Thanks for sharing.

I too am having issues with intermitent motion reporting by my Fibaro ZW5. Just checking in, seeing as some time has past and there have been a few HE updates can you share if your manual settings have held up? If so can you tell me if this tool will report the firmware of the sensor? The Hubitat system driver does not report that -- at least transparently it doesn't.

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