Fibaro Flood Sensor FGFS-101 ZW5 with external 12V

@bcopeland Any chance to get help with this built in driver "Fibaro Flood Sensor", please?
I am using these sensors with external 12V but as mentioned earlier in few topics, updating or changing settings is not working when connected to 12-24VDC.

It claims in Logs "There are 5 pending changes that will be sent to the device the next time it wakes up" And that device could be forced to wake with TMP button - But it doesn't :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

When powered by external 12-24VDC sensor should not go to sleep mode. From Fibaro manual: "When added to the network as a DC powered device, the device will update its associations and configurations immediately. It will also allow it to serve as a signal repeater in the Z-Wave network, which increases the chance of successful communication among devices in the same network."

I'll check into it.. Looks like the driver was written with only battery mode in mind..

This would be awesome, I've asked this in the past but to no avail. Thanks for looking into this @bcopeland, if I remember right, there were also some commands that were not implemented, it is a very capable sensor but with limited integration in HE.

I know this is an old thread- but I'm planning on buying the Fibaro leak sensor and running it on a 12V supply. Has the driver been updated for that? Thanks!

The driver is not updated. Device itself detects the leak and kinda works, but you can't change the settings if you are powering with external power supply. So, we are still waiting for the update @bcopeland :wink:

I installed this sensor yesterday on my HE7. It didn’t function properly so I did the exclusion/inclusion dance three times with the same results. Then I found this thread. A sentence in the HE inclusion instructions for the device stating it’ll only operate properly if running on battery is appropriate.

The advantage of operating this device on AC is it functions as a z-wave repeater, and battery operation is available when the AC is unavailable.

On my Veraplus, it operates in both modes. But I did learn that the inclusion when operating on AC must be completed without the battery installed, otherwise the sensor will operate inconsistently. If an updated HE driver becomes available, this may also be true.

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Another advantage is location. I want to place this in my crawlspace by the sump pump, which is a real belly crawl to get there. Being AC powered, I can set it up and forget it.